To Epley or not?? Please help


Well the day has finally come. I got BPPV back again. I was on the massage table (myotherapy to be exact) and on my back. He was massaging my jaw. I turned my head one way, then the other and BAM!


16 months after my first awful awful VM episode - which all began with the Epley after testing positive to bppv. The Epley manoeuvre saw me crashing down to the bottom of the Vm pit.

Of course I’m reading other stories on here. @kira, @beechleaf and @Lijne although some from years and years ago, all say like me, the Epley made it far worse!!

I want to hear from you if you have BPPV and are able to have Epleys with no problems. Particularly when on medication. And even better if you had a bad experience with it and after that went ok.

I need to call neuro PT Monday morning and need advice … or the very least a balanced viewpoint.

I’m panicking here … I cannot return to horrible ghastly symptoms.

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My advice: do not have your jaw manipulated if you have MAV/VM. I totally relapsed when dentist did this to me.

I hope your relapse settles soon.

Imho leave your head and neck completely alone so your ear can settle.

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So deal with the bppv? I’m just not sure what to do. I will never have that done again. He has done it a few times but never resulted in this.

My neuro said last time to get epley. I’m freaking out a bit.

Thanks for your comment

Ps- do you think it’s MAV only?

Yes it’s possible.

If you can trudge through the annoying intervening brain fog and vertigo for the three weeks in which it will probably take to settle I’d go the “do nothing” route.

When I was dizzy about 15 years ago, my GP put me on Stemetil and sent me to an ENT specialist. The ENT specialist tried the Epley and it did not work. He said that it probably did not work because I was on Stemetil. The dizziness subsided by itself after a few weeks and then I was free of any symptoms for a number of years.

I second what @turnitaround said, I would probably try and do the ‘nothing route’ and let it settle by itself.

Are you still on Pizotifen? Have you reduced it further?


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Personally I’d take a pit of snakes anytime over a massage or a chiropractor since VM. Had similar experience with a physio couple of years back.

No reason why you cannot have Epley on meds. I have had it.

Interestingly, I was about to reduce that night to one tablet .5mg a day. I had sorted my pill box for the week. Obviously I didn’t reduce. I haven’t yet increased either.

I’m so torn.

Some people there is no issue. I think if there were no crystals in there and you did it, it would be fine. But when there is, I believe the shifting of them creates such a disturbance it sends the migraine out of control.

But I’ve already got the migraine symptoms. I had double vision last night, a headache, slightly shifting vision.

I think rather than see PT, I’ll just go straight to neuro.

Just my worst nightmare. I think I’ll stop going

I am the same. Every time I think “I decrease Pizo to one tablet a day”, I get some sort of symptoms (increased neck pain, dizziness etc).

I hope your neuro can help. Double vision, headache and shifting vison does not sound good.

Ok, I have decided to leave it alone for now. I’ll sleep upright and put up with the back and hip pain). I’m still going to try working.

If things go from bad to worse, I’ll call for appointment.

Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted

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When I suffer from BPPV, I get bad vertigo when I lie down, usually on one side. I have to hold on to the bed and to my head, but after maybe 10-20 seconds, the vertigo stops. I can then sleep. If I turn over, I experience vertigo again, but after holding on to the bed and my head, it stops again after 10-20 seconds. Getting up is challenging as well, but, again, it stops.

@Belindy, is that not the case for you? Does your vertigo not stop?

Yes it’s stops. But I’m not going to trigger it, as getting the spins makes the migraine worse so I’ll avoid at all costs. I’m not lying down fully, and actually have an airplane pillow around my neck to stop me turning to the left. Plus it makes me nauseous as hell and I want to work some how. We’ll see how the first couple of days go. Pretty nervous

Ok eager listeners,

I went to the neuro Physio. 5 days on from
first episode. Scared and with the attitude that she’s not going to convince me to get the Epley. She knows my history and I could sense she was nervous for me.

I’m one of two she’s ever seen that the treatment of BPPV has set off off the scales prolonged VM.

She enticed me first to check the horizontal canal. I agreed. Negative. So it was in the posterior and the left - which I knew.

I actually went through with the Epley after her convincing argument that I’m well controlled on meds. The bppv was there, but super mild.

I took a Triptan. I feel way better than I did 16 months ago after it. I do feel migraine symptoms ramping up and hoping they settle. She checked my nystagmus with the goggles after all of this sitting up. I have down beating indicating migraine is well on its way.

So I’m home, I’ve had dinner and feel average but functional. I’m hopeful.

This was mild - I’m worried about raging bppv and how I will go though in the future.

Will update for reference by others in the future

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