To fly or not to fly?

Hi all, I had booked an air flight just before I had my ‘Big Crash’ and had to cancel as I was so incapacitated at the time. That was 20 months ago and I’m around about 60% improved. The airlines have extended the ticket date no later than early Feb 08. So we’ve tentatively booked the ticket (or lose it!) and also the accommodation. I have much trepidation and anxiety about my likely success as I can really only tolerate a car ride for a couple of hours at this point. Has anyone had any success with flying and are there any tips you might have to get through the ordeal. I thought I’d take a couple of Valium before my trips and hoped that might do the trick?? I’m also a bit scared that I might set myself back, but have travel plans also at the end of the year (my niece’s wedding) that I simply must get to so think this might be a trial for me. Decisions, decisions!

thanks, Judy


I haven’t flown since all this started. I do know that elevators and amusement park rides cause me problems, so I just fear what a plane trip would be like. I have taken my kids to the amusement park before though, and I do take valium before hand. I have found that with the valium, I can ride the rides, and I know when it wears off as I have to start benching it and watch them instead.

So my only suggestion is that valium may help you with a plane trip.

Valium is the only way I can even tolerate a car ride. But, when it wears off, I suffer more than I would have if I hadn’t gone out that day. In other words, I think the Valium suppresses my symptoms, but only for the time it is working, then I get hit due to all the movement I had that day.

Don’t mean to worry you, that’s just been my experience.

Good luck,


Thanks Brian and Julie

I think that Valium is going to be the only way for me to go. It had also occurred to me that I might have a delayed effect from the air travel once the medication wore off. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the proposed trip is making me very nervous, but I suppose I’m trying to test the waters a bit to see my limits and I’ve only got about three weeks to cancel the arrangements so I guess I’ll wait and see how I’m feeling as it gets closer. Good news, I’ll be due to see my neuro two weeks after my return so that could be very interesting. It sounds pretty typical of MAV sufferers really, wanting to appear sooo ‘normal’ and trying to make ‘it’ fit in with your life and not have ‘it’ control yours, what’s the chance of that?? :oops:


Boy you are right on - we try so hard to not look or act as sick as we are. I tell my husband often that he could never imagine what’s actually going on in my head - i probably look very quiet on the outside. And I push myself to function beyond what I can really do.

Re the Valium. I suffer a lot later that same day, but the next day i’m back to my norm. It’s not like the trips i’ve taken have made my condition worse, it’s just that I suffer from all the motion once the Valium wears off. In fact, if I take enough, and when I have an hour’s drive I can take as much as 30 mg, I can feel some calming effect (of the dizziness) for at least a week, starting the next day, after the motion dizziness has worn off and I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Wishing you lots of luck,



I have found that through the use of meds, if I can prevent any problems from to much motion such as an amusment park ride, I am fine afterwards. As long as I quit the motion related experience before the valium wears off. Hopefully the same will work out for you.


Brain…consider yourself lucky. About 4-5 years ago i went to Disneyland…took etra Xanex thinking i could survive one of the Roller Coaster rides…WRONG! For about 2 months the motion was much more noticeable. So i have decided to stay away from ALL Roller Coasters rides. Even before the dizzy condition began 15 years ago…i never fared well with Amusement park rides…particularly ones that go in circles or fast pace coaster rides. I have always suffered from Motion Sickness…never out grew it.


Thanks Brian,

I’ll give the Valium a go and dose myself up enough for the trip with the hope that once the experience is over, I’ll be ok.

Joe, I don’t know whether I ever knowingly knew I was motion intollerant in the past, but I have never ridden on any theme park rides because of a bad motion sickness episode when I was young. I’m not keen to give it a go either, thank goodness my kids are old enough that I’m not invited when they go theme-parking, so it’s never going to be an issue :stuck_out_tongue: .

Can’t say I’m overjoyed at the prospect of the plain travel (am counting the hours and minutes with dread actually!), but have to find out whether the experience is ok, so I can travel on holidays away with my family once again. Here’s hoping :wink:



The rides you mention are the same rides that I now avoid. I take the meds so that I can survive the simpler rides and the crowd.

Last time we went to an amusement park my oldest son went on one of those rides that spin REALLY fast and then drop thr floor. I couldn’t even watch it with an extra dose of valium without making my stomach spin. :roll: