Too Much Car Driving = Dizziness?

Hi Everyone,

I work as a Substitute so there are various sites i drive too work at… but there is one particular site that is about 35-40 minutes away and my boss needed me to go work there which is on occasion. So three weeks in a row i’ve been driving 35-40 minutes to my job and then at the end of the day drive another 35-40 minutes to return home. I noticed the last few days when waking from sleep and getting out of bed in the morning…there was some mild Vertigo. I honestly believe the Increased in driving…strain on the eyes and brain has brought this on.

Has anyone here relate to this experience? The roads are straight (on the freeway) so it’s not motion sickness…it’s just the length of the drives …going there & returning. Wears me out!


Hi Joe,

Depending on how symptomatic I happen to be, driving can really hammer the nails in. On an extended trip, it can do me in even if I’m not feeling too bad. The Atlanta trip in July was so brutal. Even as a passenger, I was getting slayed. But, on the other hand, when I drove about 1500 miles north in Western Australia fully loaded up on Cipramil in 2006, I was fine – even after a cold. Overall though, I am much better behind the wheel of a car than I was years ago after the initial Big Bang. Driving was not an option then and would leave my head buzzing as though a charged rod was rammed into my skull. Awful.

Hope you are feeling better when you read this.

Scott 8)

I dont’ drive much but it’s one of the scariest things to me right now esp when coming to a stop. I could never drive on a freeway if i get up over 35-40 mph i start getting really dizzy.

Scott you don’t that the Celexa any more right? I wonder if it will help me if i try it. It calms you down i take it? What do you take Joseph and Scott are you taking anything since last week’s headache?

I used to love driving but not any more i think it just screws me up for the day. I’m at work now and my head feels pretty icky but yesterday i was a passenger and i wasn’t so bad - there is a cold weather front comign in though - lots of wind :frowning:

Joseph hope you feel better.


I can tolerate driving better now that I am on topamax but I still have limits, about 3 hours and I am done, I really pay for it the next few days. An interesting note is that I can tolerate driving a lot better than I can riding as a passenger. Until I got the MAV under some control I viewed the car as a monster that inflicted torture and would get in the thing only in the direst of circumstances.

I think mine is a lot of anxiety and i do much better being the passenger most of the time.
sometimes even that is hard.

For me it’s when i drive too much for a number of days or weeks straight i begin to feel increased dizzyness/motion and with mild vertigo. I guess it’s just too much strain on the eyes and brain…or at least that’s my take on it. I had the whole weekend and today to recoup and i’m already beginning to feel better. In general… i have no problems with driving or short trips…it’s only when it’s daily and continous for a few weeks at a time.

Thanks everyone for your input.