Too Superstitious for Success Story

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give a positive update–but honestly–I hesitate to call it a success story yet. You can find “my story” in the “your story” section of the board. So I will keep the details short here. This journey began for me in February. I was lucky to have a PCP (GP) that sent me directly to specialists when I was not getting better. (Symptoms were headaches, dizziness, motion sickness, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, nausea, visual sensitivity, facial tingling, ear pain, etc. I couldn’t watch TV, use the computer, drive, listen to music, etc. ) My first visit to the specialist was the Neurologist. He ordered MRI–it was clear. He did a nerve test, it was fine. I asked him if he thought it could be Vestibular Migraine–his answer “that is a diagnosis that ENT’s give when they give up.” He suggested I see the “dizzy” doctor --a neurotologist. I went to Dr. Eisen who runs the Balance and Dizzy Center for Hartford Hospital in CT, USA. (He is also an ENT). He immediately diagnosed Vestibular Migraine. He performed hearing test, balance test and the goggle eye/ear test. All were fine. He recommended I try the migraine diet before we introduce meds. He gave me a copy of the migraine diet (a little different than Bucholz diet–but very similar. I liked it better because I could still eat bananas and yogurt) I followed the diet strictly. Flash forward to today–either the diet has worked for me or that one big bang I had in February would have gotten better on its own. I can now drive, watch TV, etc. I still have random symptoms every now and again (ear pulsating, facial tingling, hard time with competing noises and visual stimulation, sometimes.) I find my issues with competing noises and visual stimulation only happen now when I my exposure is high in a limited amount of time.

I also ordered the migraine glasses from Axon optics for computer and TV use and a bought a good pair of sunglasses (Maui Jim’s).

I had my follow up with Eisen last week. He asked if I wanted to try a med to get to 98% vs. 85-90%. I said no, not worth the side effects, he agreed. He said no need to see him again unless things get bad again. My personal feeling is that my triggers were on overload in February. I believe it was migraine–but I think my triggers might have to get that out of control again for me to get that bad again. I have yet to really re introduce foods–but I will eventually. I drink water constantly because I know dehydration was a trigger for my hormonal migraines. I also eat all the time because I know hunger was trigger. However, I still lost about 28 pounds on this diet (well 10 1lbs from initial feeling of nausea and then the rest from the diet.) In February, my stress level was at a maximum–so I am also trying to keep that down.

I know many do not believe in homeopathy, but I do use Rescue Remedy when I feel a little stressed and VertiFix if I feel a little dizzy. Placebo effect or not–they work for me.

FYI-my parents did not suffer from migraines. I would get occasional hormonal migraines that were very mild. I did not get car sick as a child–wand we drove a lot–however, I did start getting motion sickness occasionally in my late 20’s.

I know diet alone does not work for everyone–but I did want to share this info. I remember reading positive stories during the beginning of this illness and it made me feel better. I want to also thank everyone who posts their stories on this site and Scott for posting the valuable medical information. It was all so helpful for me!! I hope you all feel better soon!

That’s great news, swirlgirl. I understand the “superstitious” feeling, like we’re not sure we should say something out loud! But sounds like you’re doing much better. I’m happy for you.

Wonderful news :)) x x

that is wonderful news!

Great news well done. I am suprised you didnt fancy pushing for 95%. How do you know the med will give you side it effects. Often the side effects wear off after a couple of weeks

Thanks everyone! Hillsta–good question. I feel like I really have my life back. Yes, there are certain things I need to consider and that I may “worry” about that I didn’t before but I didn’t think it was worth trialing meds. I have some days that I am 90-95%, so I am happy with that. I am going back to work full time soon (I didn’t stop because of the illness–I had stopped full time years ago for my kids) so if I find working full time causes issues, then I might consider the meds.

That’s great, thanks for posting, swirlgirl. I’m having a pretty bad day, and the symptoms are particularly bad, I could definitely use this bit of positivity. I agree with you about the meds. If you need them, you can always try them at a later date once it’s established that you’re stable at 90% or more. Thanks again for posting, and here’s to hoping you get to 100% or as close to it as you can soon, and stay there! for reference. (Hope you don’t mind, swirlgirl)

Makeitgoaway–I do not mind at all! Thank you. I hope you feel better soon. I read your story too. I have heard lowering your sodium intake can help with the vertigo and dizziness. I know some doctors suggest this for people with VN and Menneire’s but since some of the symptoms are the same it may help. I know that the migraine diet in general lowered my sodium intake and I sometimes wonder if that was one of the reasons it was helpful!

This truly is one of the strangest conditions with all of the varied symptoms!

P.S. Love CA!!