Toothguard update + Emu oil

Hey all,

Since my Pristiq improvements have leveled off, i started wearing my toothguard again. It’s been maybe a week and i feel no improvement in my MAV symptoms. I know I’m clenching, i would think i would be grinding - i’ll have to ask my dentist if he sees any evidence of it next time I see him.

But, for me anyway, this old fashioned toothguard, which I’m now able to keep in all night, cause I’m sleeping so well, hasn’t made a difference yet. I’ll keep trying.

I also used Emu oil at the places where the trigeminal nerve leaves the inside of the skull and tracks along the temple and jaw. I found some very tender spots on the side I used to get classical migraines and as an MAVer would get a headachey feeling now and then. The tenderness is gone and I get no more headachey feelings, but i haven’t had any improvement in the rocking.

I’ll let you know if anything changes for the better.


Hey Julie-

Whats with the emu oil? Sorry, if I missed it, but I’d like to know more. I’ve seen emu oil (maybe in the healthfood store?)
But I don’t have a clue what its used for or why?

I really am sorry if I missed it. :frowning:


Oh, that’s okay, i should have explained about the EMU oil.

EMU oil is the greatest thing since the food processor. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory that comes from the Emu bird.

I bought it because my husband has a lot of aches and pains and used to take a lot of ibuprofen. since his BP started to go up i was finally able to talk him out of taking ibuprofen (you know how husbands never listen to their wives, right?). So he quit the ibuprofen, started eating like I do :slight_smile: and did a great job exercising this summer, plus used EMU oil instead of taking the pills. it works like magic. BTW he brought his BP down from 160/95 to 110/75!!! And he did NOT have to cut out all carbs, you just have to know which carbs to eat.

Anyway, back to EMU oil. You can buy it at or other places online. I don’t shop much anymore so i’m not sure if stores carry it. Like I said, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. The first thing I used it on was my shoulder, where i hold the phone as I’m typing. I used it for a few nights in a row - no more pain. I also was able to walk because of this oil. I’ve never been able to walk because of a dance injury - sesamoiditis, which is a bone and nerve inflammation. All i do, if i start to feel a little pain, which happens maybe once a month if i go too far, is put the EMU oil on - gone, i’m fine. I’ve never ever been a walker before.

Best story - my dog has a bad disc. She threw it out the other day. She usually has to be crated for two weeks. I put EMU oil on it - it took two days. She’s walking around like normal.

it’s truly amazing. You can use it on anything that’s inflamed - skin or deep tissue, down to the bones and nerves, really. I even rubbed some into the spots where the trigeminal nerve leaves the inside of the skull at the orbit, and also at the jaw and along the chin. I found a LOT of tenderness at the orbit (which is where i used to get my classical migraines and now and then feel headachey) and the tenderness was gone the next day. I no longer get those headachey feelings.

One more story. I have rosacea. I’ve been taking Minocin for 18 years! i put Emu oil on it instead. Threw the Minocin down the toilet.

i’ll never be without.


Jules, Isnt minocin an antibiotic?
my friend was on it.
its has some pretty bad side effects including vertigo ect…
She had ballance and dizzy episodes while taking it…
I hate antibiotics.


it’s tetracycline. I had no side effects while taking it.

Tetracyclines may be used in the treatment of infections of the respiratory tract, sinuses, middle ear, urinary tract, intestines, and also gonorrhoea, especially in patients allergic to β-lactams and macrolides; however, their use for these indications is less popular than it once was due to widespread resistance development in the causative organisms.

Their most common current use is in the treatment of moderately severe acne and rosacea (tetracycline, oxytetracycline, doxycycline or minocycline).

Doxycycline is also used as a prophylactic treatment for infection by Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) and is effective against Yersinia pestis, the infectious agent of bubonic plague. It is also used for malaria treatment and prophylaxis, as well as treating elephantiasis.

**Ha! there you go jules, you couldnt have had lyme desease, as this antibiotic , is also used for lyme desease.

funny! :stuck_out_tongue: **

Tetracyclines remain the treatment of choice for infections caused by chlamydia (trachoma, psittacosis, salpingitis, urethritis and L. venereum infection), Rickettsia (typhus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever), brucellosis, and spirochetal infections (borreliosis, syphilis, and Lyme disease). In addition, they may be used to treat anthrax, plague, tularemia, and Legionnaires’ disease.

They may have a role in reducing the duration and severity of cholera, although drug-resistance is occurring[10] and their effects on overall mortality is questioned.
Demeclocycline has an additional use in the treatment of SIADH.

Tetracycline derivatives are currently being investigated for the treatment of certain inflammatory disorders.


Oh Jen,

You don’t know these people. “Lyme disease is capable of mutating and become resistant to antibiotics. you need special antimicrobials to attack it and that doesn’t even work. Once you have Lyme disease - you always have Lyme disease. It just keeps going deeper and deeper into your body until it becomes neurocognitive Lyme disease, thus they end up with a psychotic daughter.” That’s their theory anyway.

Oh, the stories I could tell you - it’s as if it’s from an alien planet!

Believe me, Jen, you don’t have a chance against these two, not a chance!


Three ladies with Lyme were discussing the problems of living with lyme disease. One said,
“Sometimes I catch myself with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand, in front of the refrigerator, and can’t remember whether I need to put it away, or start making a sandwich.”

The second lady chimed in, “Yes, sometimes I find myself standing on the stairs and can’t
remember whether I was on my way up or on my way down.” The third one responded, " Well, I’m
glad I don’t have that problem; knock on wood." as she rapped her knuckles on the table…then said,“That must be the door, I’ll get it!”

jen :mrgreen:

Three ladies with Lyme were discussing the problems of living with the disease. One said,
“Sometimes I catch myself with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand, in front of the refrigerator, and can’t remember whether I need to put it away, or start making a sandwich.”

The second lady chimed in, “Yes, sometimes I find myself standing on the stairs and can’t
remember whether I was on my way up or on my way down.” The third one responded, " Well, I’m
glad I don’t have that problem; knock on wood." as she rapped her knuckles on the table…then said,“That must be the door, I’ll get it!”

(to be filled out by Lyme patients only)
Written by the talented Judy Williams

  1. Sudden onset of multiple personality disorder

  2. Hell-bent to tell the “truth” especially on any given “politically incorrect” subject.

  3. Frightening, complete reordering of priorities (These new priorities run close to those
    of Mother Therese.)

  4. Talking like you are Mother Therese.

  5. A sleeping pattern resembling the long rest of hibernating bears or the worse
    condition of inability to sleep even upon administration of meds to kill a pair of rhinos.

  6. Sudden realization you made a major mistake in the choosing your husband.

  7. A diagnosis from at least 3 (I set a minimal record of 2), often more (up to 15) MDs
    that reads “psychosomatic disorder”.

  8. An extreme propensity (albeit usually accurate) to find lyme in others

  9. An ability to lose approximately 100 things a day, followed by an inability to find them,
    although 80% of them are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

  10. Verbal dyslexia, i.e. saying the word “cow” when the word called for was “pencil”
    (not a close match).

  11. Seeing double (i.e. seeing 2 of your husband(s) even though you don’t even want to
    see one of him).

  12. Getting lost in your car though you are only 2 houses away from your home and your
    Irish Setter is pointing his tail at your house.

  13. Forgetting if you just took 1 Zithromax or 12.

  14. Losing most or all of approximately 30 pages of paper with pertinent info., i.e. Lyme
    Support members’ phone nos., Burrascano’s protocol, directions for how to put out a fire
    (you recently lost the fire extinguisher itself).

  15. Mood swings greater than jungle animals.

  16. Times when you should keep your mouth shut because of complete cognitive
    dysfunction, but you don’t.

  17. ESP followed by periods of “clueless”.

  18. Deciding to commit suicide, during a period of severe mental agitation, by smoking
    yourself to death, then being too lethargic to go out and buy any cigarettes.

  19. Inability to spell “the” - it just doesn’t look right.

  20. Rages in which you throw and break all your phones which makes it impossible to
    call for help.

  21. Confusion caused by having all of 2 things on your “to do” list for the day.

by Judy Williams

by Judy Williams -

  1. 8 chest symptoms that send you to the ER with fear of heart attack though the ER is a
    dangerous place for Lyme patients (and others).

  2. A pain that begins in your ankle, jumps quickly to an unparallel knee, gets stuck in
    your neck and leaves via your stomach.

  3. Tremors that seem to stem from the San Andreas fault (and whose fault is that?).

  4. After not being hit by a truck, waking up feeling like you have been

  5. Losing weight while consuming illegal amts. of chocolate.

  6. Gaining weight after deciding, Ghandi-like, to protest the state of lyme treatment by
    refusing food.

  7. Unusual sounds that are non-existent, i.e. phones ringing, doorbells, dogs coughing,
    cats peeing and such.

  8. Hyperacussis, as in hearing a neighbor’s dog fart, hearing an ant crawling on an
    outside window ledge 3 rooms away, having a strong desire to gag your child because
    he is talking in a normal tone of voice.

  9. Tired although in 2 days you have slept 48 hours.

  10. Testicular pain and you are a female.

  11. Unexplained menopause at age 12.

  12. Heart palpitations that rival Buddy Rich.

  13. Irritable bowel - it yells at you inappropriately.

  14. Bladder hesitancy, i.e. you are unable to pee for 4 hours after drinking 5 litres of

  15. Unexplained milk production and you are a man.

  16. Inability to spell libido, i.e. labbeeto.

  17. Sinusitis that fills both nasal passages and leaves mucous pockets in your ears,
    making you sound like Truman Capote.

18.Neck stiffness that leaves you feeling like you should be onstage with Christopher
Reeve on Oprah (God bless you, Chris!).

  1. Cramps that make your foot look like your hand.

  2. Facial twitches that make the person you’re talking to think you are winking at
    someone behind him.

  3. Thumb twitching that arrests traffic when a car stops to take you (the hitchhiker)
    where you want to go.

  4. Arm twitching that causes you to drop your groceries that end up being someone
    else’s groceries.

by Judy Williams


NOW you see what I’m up against ! :mrgreen:


here’s an up to the minute update. I quit getting those headachy feelings so i quit my Emu oil. a week later i started getting the headachy feelings and found that tenderness in my temple, where the trigeminal nerve leaves the skull towards the orbit, and tracks along towards the ear. I applied Emu oil, had to do it for two days. No more headachy feelings. I think i’ll just apply it each night from now on.

And no, it’s not going to make me loose weight or take a toll on my major organ systems. I’m a big girl :wink:


Ok, Julie -

Emu Oil… I checked
All I could find was something called “Blu-Emu” , which seems to be a cream containing 7% emu oil. The other was called “Ultra Blue” also a cream (containing stinky menthol).

Would you mind spilling where you get your “emu oil” ??? - Come on give us the dirt. Whats it called and where are you getting this stuff??? :mrgreen:

P.s. – I know you’re not getting it at the corner drugstore!!!


NO! i’m keeping it to myself!

Edit: okay, after much thought, i’ve come back with the goods, i buy the Blu-Emu from

i posted in Tranquility’s post about how and where to use it, in great detail. Plus if you need a diagram, i can email you one.

i hope it works for you. It’s the same idea as using a mouth guard for bruxing.

julie :wink:

But first you’d better make sure you can find the track where the trigeminal nerve leaves the skull, otherwise you won’t know where to use it.

You know Julie, after reading through this thread, and a couple of other comments that you made in other threads about Emu oil, I think that I am going to look into this. I am a tooth grinder, really bad tooth grinder to the point that I have had three root canals done and I am still sensitive to cold foods and drinks, even though there is no nerve in my teeth to feel the pain with. I am so sensitive to the cold that I can’t do anything outside during the winter that requires exhertion and heavy breathing. I have talked to a specialist and he told me that it was do to some jaw nerve that gets inflamed from very excessive tooth grinding. Long story short, this might be something that finally helps me with my teeth problems for once. :slight_smile: