Topamax and allergies - topamax interacts with EVERY med

Hey, does anyone have any idea what I can do for my seasonal allergies while on Topamax?? I was able to take some clariton last spring because I wasn’t on enough Topamax to really make a difference but this year, I am on enough to interact with it. Topamax interacts with virtually EVERY over-the-counter allergy medication on the market (nice thing that the makers of Topamax didn’t think of when designing it) so what the heck can I do?? I am trying to get in touch with my doctor as I have not called him in a long time and it’s proving difficult. I can’t get anyone to call me back. I’m getting either an answering machine, closed office, or an answering service. Meanwhile, my allergies are starting, as my throat is very itchy, and it’s only going to get many times worse as spring moves forward. I can forget Clariton, Sudafed, or any of the usual suspects. If anyone is on topamax and suffers from allergies, please let me know what you do. I won’t survive the spring!


Could you try some natural remedies, not sure about the interaction with the drug.

Here are a few links I found.… … maier1.asp … 663&page=1


I’ll ask the head Prof in the institute today. He prescribes Topamax for obesity. He’ll know the score.

Scott 8)

Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it very much!

And Scott, if you could also throw in there a little question about an interaction with Topamax and Xanax, I’d appreciate it. I’ve been feeling some anxiety creeping back lately for some unknown reasons, and I want to nip it in the bud before it starts to become an issue. I already know that xanax works for me but I don’t know if I can take it with topamax. Once again, can’t get a hold of my doc but I have lots of left over xanax from his last prescription. I take half of a 0.25mg tablet and that does the trick if you can believe it. Maybe mind over matter, but if it kills the anxiety, that’s what matters. I’ve learned that with MAV, it’s better to kill the anxiety quick, before it starts to affect the condition, because left untreated, it WILL affect MAV, and if the anxiety gets bad enough, it can even make your MAV intractable. I know. It happened to me and it took me a long time to realize that it was anxiety that was keeping me from getting well, and not allowing the medications to really work as well as they could. Once the anxiety was under control, the prevenative started working much better. So, knowing the anxiety is here, I’m not as freaked out about it, I just know that I have to deal with it. Thanks again!


Hi Rich
I took low does xanax while on topa, it didnt seem to interact.
klonopin is stronger than xanax and I know of someone who took klonopin while on topa.
With no probs.

Also I always call my pharmacy, they often know more about med interactions than Dr’s.
as their dealing with meds all the time.


Just spoke to the prof and he was not aware of any issues with Topamax and antihistamines. I’m attaching the FULL rundown on Topamax from the MIMS database for you to study. Detailed interactions begin on page 11.

Scott 8)

I read about anthistamines and topamax on some page and it only said that it could/would increase drowsiness from the antihistamine. Dont take my word on it though, but seems like it shouldnt be that much of a problem.

And I ran it through an overzealous interaction checker yesterday, and for once, it reported NO interaction with loratadine (Claritin).

HI Rich
I took an antihistamine one day when on topomax and I felt really rubbish/tired/very ill the next day and basically slept the whole day. If you do try any just try on a day when you don’t have to do anything the next day. I’m currently using a fluticasone nasal spray for hayfever, the hayfever season is just starting here but it’s helped so far. Not sure how it’ll cope when it’s full blown summer but it didn’t interact with the topomax.

Otherwise, I’ve had really great success in the past with a homeopathy drug prepared for hayfever - in the UK you can buy it ready ‘mixed’ from the chemist (ie you don’t have to go to a homeopathist(?)), it says that it doesn’t interact with drugs, but again I’d use with caution in the first couple of days. With both the homeopathy and nasal spray they take a couple weeks to work.

Hope that helps.
Best wishes