Topamax and sound sensitivity

Anyone else get this??

I do the dishes and god forbid I let a pan hit the bottom of the sink! My own voice is too loud in my head sometimes, talking on the phone is hideous and even a hiccup and can send me for a loop. I’ve been on Topamax since Sept 7th, started 12.5 mg, then 25, 37.5, then at 50 had breathing difficulties so went down to just 25 at night. No matter what this symptom has not yet abated!

If anyone else had this, did it go away? How long did it take?



I know when I was titrating up all of my symptoms seemed to get worse. At one point I had extreme sound sensitivty for a few days. This all stopped about a week after I stopped increasing my dose.

Thanks ajs,

I think in another week or so I will reevaluate, unfortunately this drug had a nasty SE on me at 50 mg so it may turn out I need something else after all ;( too bad so many people have found such relief from it! But I’m not giving up yet.


I would look I to SCDS…


Had to stop this drug; trouble breathing and disorientation. Bummer; another one bites the dust.

Sound sensitivity disappeared along with Topamax. Wonder if it is listed as a SE??? It should be! Was horrible for me.