Topamax cold turkey

Hi! i recently just ran out of my medication topamax. i take 100 mg a day and the last time i was taken off of my medication (at the hospital they took me off all my meds, seroquil (which im no longer taking been almost two months), and lexapro cold turkey and went into a seizure. im worried that’ll happen again, since ive run out of topamax and only have 3 lexapro left. i have medicaid, but i just moved to a different state so i need to re-apply. any advice? my mom says if its “bad enough” go to the ER but i cant just walk into the ER and demand medication.

Is your problem getting a physician to write a refill prescription ? Then get the appointment with whoever sees you first in your new state and ask for refill. It is way cheaper than ER !!!

If prescription is not a problem but paying out of pocket then the approx cost is 83$ for 15 tablets Topomax.

Cold turkey on Topomax is not advised based on what I have read.

its both money & that i cannot find someone who will take medicaid, but thank you.