Topamax - day 5

Hi All

I’ve been on 12.5 mg of Topa since Monday now - can’t say I have noticed any side effects as such because I have generally been feeling shitty with all the flying back and forth from the US (2 long haul flights in 2 days, then another within Argentina). I have had flu-like symptoms and a banging headache the past 2 days so may have a cold…who knows…oh, and have lost my appetite a bit.

I’m upping it to 25 mg next week…Hain only wants me to go up to 50 mg and trial for a month. Here’s hoping for dizzy free days. Unlikely given I’ll be in the mountains tomorrow…and I´m all over the place today!

There you go folks…I’ll keep you posted…praying I can find some relief for the rest of my trip. Been away 7 months now!

Luke, I wish you the best. You are the man for continuing your journey with this condition! I am still on 15 mg of Topamax myself. This is my second try. Interestingly, my first trial with it produced flu like symptoms as you describe but not this time…at least not yet. This time around, I have increased dizziness, heavy head, headaches, and increased anxiety, as well as some low blood sugar issues. I will got up to 30 mg this week then on to 45 mg and I may stay there for a few weeks. Good luck and keep us posted. Ben

Brave man doing all this traveling with this going on…wish you the best with the new medications.

you inspire me! I’ve decided to travel again too; not this year cause im pretty much broke, but deffo sooner than later. I’m way too young to sit around my increasingly larger ass waiting for life to happen :!

Since Hain thought you might have an mdds issue as well; is that affected by your travelling? I’ve been looking around and seen that benzos (preferably not valium since it makes you sleep like a baby) during airplane travel seems to make it very very safe.

Good look on your journey; I have a friend whos been there, it’s absolutely stunning.

ps. how old are you MATE? :wink: