Topamax Question

Hi all! I am new to the boards and new to my MAV diagnosis. I just started Topamax today and had some questions. For those of you who take it, how are you feeling on it? How long does it take to start working? My neuro has me taking 50MG a day for a week and then wants me up to 100MG by the second week. I have read that some people have a problem tolerating these higher dosages. For those suffering from side effects, did they settle in with the first pill, or did it take a few days for them to start?

Thanks so much for your input!! :slight_smile:

Hi LindseyO,
Welcome - Topamax has been a good friend to me!! check out the discussion thread “Topiramate Dosage”. Further down the General Discussion page it already has about 16 posts on people taking Topamax and how they take it. It is really interesting, it just goes to show that we are all so different. Your starting off mg seems high, personally started on 25mg and waited until the side effects were gone then upped the dose another 25 mg a time till I hit 100mg. I wish you all the best with Topamax. :slight_smile:

You could also look at the threads on Topamax under the ‘Anticonvulsants’ heading - there is loads of info there too!
I’m now on 87.5mg Topamax & has taken me three months to get this far! As so many forum members report, our migraine brains are extremely sensitive to any changes in medication - I did my increases by 12.5mg at a time. I’ve had a few glitches along the way & at times felt like ditching the med however I didn’t want to start another med trial without giving this one a fair go!
Hope you go well with the Topamax - let us know how you progress.


Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you will find lots of help and comfort here.

I am also on topamax. Now on almost 75mg and trying to get to 100mg.

My titration schedule has been very similar to Barbs. In fact Barb has been a big support of mine through this!

I am still trying to get to the desired dose and I’m not cured yet but I’m hopeful. I have seen some minor improvements, just don’t want to jinx myself yet!

Let us know how you go and shoot any queries our way.


Thank you all for your replies! I am on day 3 of Topamax and have already had to back off a bit. My neruo had my starting on 50MG a day and I felt very tired and agitated yesterday. So now he has me taking 25MG at night through the weekend and then we will try for 50MG next week. We’ll see how it goes!