Topamax side effects, help?

Hi all it’s me yet again, haha. Ok, I’m having such a hard time with this topamax. I’m finding that it’s giving me a headache (bad pain) about an hour after I take , the headache lasts pretty much all night then I feel more dizzy than usual the next day/evening. I’ve scanned through a ton of postings on topamax on this site - I swear that’s making me dizzy, haha! So my question is for those of you who’ve tried topamax did you have more dizziness the next day (feels almost like a buzzing vibration in my head, versus my “normal” sense of imbalance/dizziness)? I know we are all dizzy but there might be someone whose experienced a similar side effect.

Hi Ellen, so sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time. I am currently on 25mg of topamax and avoiding increasing. For the first week I had horrible increased dizziness. It went back to baseline after that. I also got headaches. It hasn’t improved anything yet but I’m only on 25mg. I know I need to be on much more but I know ill get that increased dizziness again when I up it! A lot of people experience it at first apparently until you get up to the right dose and stay there. It is so tough. Try to hang in there. You are not alone. I’m in the same boat (a rocky one!) with you. X

I know it’s so hard. I just feel like I’m regressing on this drug. Oh well, I didn’t feel great off it so I suppose feeling worse on it for awhile is just the way it is. I just wish there was a pill you could take that would start making you feel better from the start! :?

Hi there, I experienced increased dizziness as well as flu like symptoms, including headache, each time I increased my Topamax dosage. I ended up having to only increase by 12.5 at a time and increasing very slowly. It was hard to get to my current dose of 62.5, but once I was on this dose for a month, I really started to feel better, and at two months even better. It was a tough several months getting to where I am now, but worth it for me. Hopefully, it will work for you too. Good luck!

Mary Lee

Unfortunately this med seems to set us all back at every increase, which makes it hard to stay positive about achieving a good end result! I didn’t realise it could make you feel depressed so that is also something to watch for when we feel like ‘chucking it in’! Giving ourselves those small treats & focussing on what’s positive in our lives is a must. Mary Lee has made it through to a good place so it gives us hope that we will too.

Yes it’s not easy that’s for sure! Now my right ear feels really full and full of pressure. Sheesh can’t things ever go smoothly? Haha.

Ellen, is Topamax your first med? Please take some comfort from the fact that everyone seems to have a hard time adjusting to Topamax but when they do it seems to help loads of people so fingers crossed it will for you x

Mary Lee, I wondered if 62.5mg is your target dose of Topamax or will you go higher? Just that I read the therapeutoc dose is usually 100-150mg? Do you find you cannot tolerate more or don’t need more? I believe that different people require different amounts and your size can also affect how much of a med you can tolerate although doctors seem to set the recommended doses as the same amount for everyone regardless x