Topamax to Ami?

hey, just wondering y did u switch to ami
I’m on topamax abd I was considering doing the same

I did, then dropped it because it aggravated my metabolic issue. Now I’m on Effexor and liking it a lot.

did u find good response on effexor?

I’m only about 15 days in, but so far I really like it.

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can u please tell me more?
did u also have a rocking sensation and swaying motion when standing still?, vertigo n dizziness of varying intensity throughout the day?
wat was the difference between topamax and effexor in terms of symptom control for you? was topamax controlling the symptoms but you changed mainly because if metabolic effects or because it wasn’t controlling things well?

sorry I’m asking so many questions but I’m just really considering changing topamax and effexor soubds like a great option n I wanted to know more

really appreciate ur help

Yes, I have each of those symptoms. Topomax reduced my dizziness, migraines, visual vertigo and the head pressure but I react to it very poorly. Even at low doses the side effects felt like radiation poisoning. My friends asked me if I was dying.

Amitriptyline spiked my blood sugar.

Effexor has reduced all of my symptoms considerably. Initially it gave me nausea and headaches. Now I’m just sort of tired and have a dry mouth. I’ll take it.

that sounds great and I’ll trade that any day for how ik feeling right now. topamax is def nit an easy medication to handle esp when ur nit sure it’s working. it’s making me so tired all the time and brain foggy and disengaged

on top of all of that I’ve recently reached 100mg (only 3 days) but I dnt feek significant symptom improvement and I reaaalllly think I should switch

I never made it past 25 mg.

My personal thought is you have to go with your intuition, but only after you’ve given the med a 4-6 week trial. That said, I lasted 29 days on topomax and two weeks on amitriptyline. Some side effects aren’t worth the trial.

thts y I’m pushing through yo 100mg now. if I dnt see any improvement then at least I can stop knowing that I gave it a good go.
but it really has been a difficult medication to handle

It literally made me feel like I was dying.

wat were your symptoms while on it? ots making me feel extremely anxious and when it makes the dizziness it makes it feel as if it’s just never gonna get better. I feel dazed all day and out of it. and almost like I’ve got no interest in anything and I can’t focus. did u feel the same?

Here’s where I talked about it.

wow. sorry you had to go through that. I personally had to give it 2 attempts to titrate up to reach even 75 mg now the 100mg was too much and I’ve titrated back down to 75 mg again. although given all the side effects I’m feeling I’m thinking it’s just not worth it esp that it’s the only medication I tried and now I’m more convinced that I should try ami or effexor although effexor does seem to have less side effects. how r I feeling with effexor right now?

If you can, get the extended release version. Side effects aren’t too bad anyway, at least for me, but XR made them really fade. Side effects for me include lack of appetite, general sleepiness, occasional mild headache and at first a little nausea. What’s missing are the constant visual symptoms, visual vertigo, most of the dizziness, head pressure and migraines. It doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting my metabolism as my blood sugar is still good.

that’s wonderful to hear! I do hope its ur wonder drug and u continue to get better. qt this point I’m willing to deal with anything as long as this content rocking/swaying/smdizziness general off feeling stops honestly. and I just dont feek that topamax is doing it for me although at few doses it used to work for 2 weeks or so and again the symptoms would some back sogh

If you think it’s time, try amitriptyline or Effexor. Both are very popular here. Keep trying until you find something that works for you. And stay strong.

I will, leaning towards effexor becsuse of the lower side effect profile. do let me know how u get on and i wish u continue to get better. I so appreciate all ur input and support :smiley:

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