Topamax Users - Possibly Hormone related?

I have been on 100 mg Topamax (50 mg twice per day) for a little over 2 months now and was actually feeling quite well on this. My dizziness has gone from being 24/7 to pretty much non-existent, and I have not had a headache in over two months and I was getting 4-5 per month where I needed to take zomig to get rid of them and then felt crummy for hours afterwards. The past few days though, I have noticed some dizziness creeping back in, and have felt a headache coming on this morning. A big trigger for my headaches for years has been hormones, I have almost always got at least 2 really bad migraines during my menstrual cycle every month for as long as I can remember (I have been getting migraines for the past 14 or so years). In the past two months this wasn’t an issue though - and I have never been able to pinpoint my dizziness to hormones since it was always pretty much 24/7 before.

Anyway the reason for this ramble is - do you think this would be a reason to possibly increase topamax? I emailed my neurologist already to ask his opinion…but I am just not sure. I HATE to think I am going to be dizzy and feel like this again. Maybe this is jumping the gun because it has only been a few days and maybe it is just hormone related, but is this what I will be dealing with for a week every month? Is anyone out there on a dose of topamax higher than 100? I am a little hesitant about going up higher for fear of side effects, but when I titrated up to 100 I really didn’t notice much, In my opinion it was harder to start at 50 which is what my doc had me do than to go up to 100.

Melissa, are you or have you ever been in hormonal BC ?

@Frank183 yes, and it makes my migraines much worse, so I am not on any now. My Neuro suggested I try to go up to 75 2x a day. I am going to try 75 at night and see how that goes for now while staying at 50 in the morning so I am not going up 50 all at once to try to lessen the side effects.

Ok, so can you pinpoint your migraines to any particular part of the cycle ? As in, “always 3 days before the period” or anthing like that ? May I ask how old you are ?