Topomax causing insomnia

Just started topomax a week ago but i also had very bad sinus infection so first few days i slept a lot idk if it was the medicine or just because i was sick but i haven’t slept at all for the past 2 nights!! I actually feel like its working though is there something i can take to make me sleep or should i discontinue the topomax plzzzz help!

Have you tried melatonin?

I tried melatonin last night and skipped the topomax i finally got a couple hrs of sleep this morning so i tried taking a quarter of a pill this morning im wondering if the side effects will eventually wear off… im a little nervous about the medication now ive read on here some pretty bad experiences people have had but then others have done well i really just need a safe migraine preventative i have 4 sons and i just cant seem to get it together i feel horrible because im not the mom i want to be​:sob::sob:

Hello! I also experienced insomnia when taking Topamax. I even took it in the morning and still had this problem. I guess it can be stimulating for a few people. I’m my opinion sleep is so much more important for your body’s natural healing than a medication! Hope you’ve figured something out and are doing better!