Toronto migraine specialist

Hi guys,

Anyone know of a Toronto guru I can recommend. Kinda funny really … it’s my home town and I have no idea!


Hi Scott,

Toronto’s my hometown too. It is pretty strange that in such a large city, a migraine guru can be tough to find!

But I can offer a couple of names:
Dr. Park (GP-Anaesthesiologist and Pain Relief Specialist) at the Headache and Pain Relief Center ( I found him to be very knowledgeable about migraine medications, and he was also very thorough. (I may go back and see him, after verapamil didn’t work out…I’ve just been procrastinating on that. I did like his approach - he took the time to really understand my condition, plus he looked at things holistically).

Dr. Gladstone (Neurologist, in the North York area). I cannot comment as I haven’t seen him, but I have an appointment with him in 2 weeks (after a nearly year-long wait :shock:

I hope this is helpful, and I wish all the best to the person you are making recommendations to.


Thanks for this! Sorry about the late reply. :slight_smile:

No problem, Scott. I hope it was helpful. :slight_smile:

I saw Dr. Gladstone and it was definitely worth the wait to see him (unfortunately there are very few neurologists specializing in migraine in the province). He is the first neurologist I have seen who really wanted to help/was empathetic, took the time to listen to and understand my case, answer my questions, and provide evidence-based, tailored recommendations. What a huge difference it makes when you see a neurologist who specializes in migraine; he is dedicated, and it shows.
For the first time ever, I am actually hopeful that I can manage this condition.

Sounds great Bren – what did he say? Any dot points you can summarise the meeting with?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve been sick as a dog with MAV-related stuff the past few days, so I’m probably not going to sound as optimistic as I did in my last message :?

He emphasized lifestyle mods in my case (the student “lifestyle” has not been helpful, to say the least), especially: sleep (keeping wake and sleep times consistent), regular meals (& include protein at breakfast), and regular exercise (mornings = ideal).

But the way I’m feeling tonight all I have to say is that it’s much easier said than done. I know what I need to do, but the problem is: I’m too frequently too sick to do all those things! :cry: That’s probably a big sign I need to try another preventative med…but I’m hesitant.
In my case I also need to get my iron deficiency sorted out. I’m on the fence about taking another preventative (he did recommend one) due to side effects…but on the other hand, I’m struggling so much, it might be worth it. It’s a tough call for me to make - especially since I’m under pressure to function as a student. I think I might try supplements (he suggested magnesium or B2), with the hope side effects from those might not be as disruptive.
Sorry this isn’t more helpful/insightful, and is not so positive; but that’s where I am right now.

Overall I found his recommendations quite in line with the MAV survival guide posted here, which I think is a good sign.