Traditional Chinese Medicine—some improvement

I haven’t been on the site for a while; I’ve just been very blue trying to cope with this condition.

For the last month I’ve been seeing an experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I went initially for acupuncture but said I was open to other TCM therapies, and boy did I get them: besides acupuncture, I get this massage/scraping treatment on my face (for headache), cupping and scraping on my back, and other stuff I don’t even know what. She’s also given me herbs to take and while I was inwardly skeptical I have taken them faithfully. In the last week I have felt a measurable improvement in my dizziness/disequilibrium and stamina in walking outside. It’s encouraging; I had low expectations given that I’ve had so little success with many other treatments (conventional medical and alternative)—but I have seen some improvement. The doctor seems to think there could be more.

I’m a true believer in Western medicine but have opened my mind (and wallet) to anything that could help, and so far I have been impressed by TCM so I thought I would share that.


That’s great, at the very least many of those treatments must be relaxing. :smile: My faith is in science-based medicine too, but I do value concepts such as “Chi” and understand how it “feels” even though I know its not something that can be measured and studied. It’s kind of like “love” - we all know what it is and feels like but it can’t be measured with science.


Sometimes psychology does help. Just the very act of doing something - anything positive - that might help actually does help I guess. Surprised you went down that route. I’d be surprised that anybody did but having said that my brother was cured of vertigo - not MAV - years ago by acupuncture in which our Father was a great believer. Brother also went on to take some tiny pills which dissolved on the tongue daily for years afterwards which supposedly kept it from returning. I’ve a feeling they were called ‘CalPhos’ or something very similar. Helen

Very interesting! Am currently also going to traditional Chinese practitioner, it’s a college where students are trained towards uni degree with supervisors so I feel like it’s probably got something in it. Had needles first week and second week some herbs that were burned near my navel, have to say it was all very odd, no improvement but a close family member saw complete sudden improvement in her dizziness so am giving it a go, if only to avoid family asking me to! Do you know what herbs they make you drink?

The herb mixture I am currently taking is Ze Xie Tang. Evidently treats vertigo, dizziness, and habitual headache, so yep, sounds about right. I’m hoping to see more results.

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Update: I think this herb concoction has helped me: my dizziness/disequilibrium/floaty head is definitely a degree better in the couple of weeks I’ve been taking Ze Xie Tang. I’m surprised—I really didn’t expect results from something that seems so non-invasive and non-medical—but happy. I’m not normal or totally sorted with my symptoms or anything, but quality of life is a step better, which is worth a lot. Recommend this as an option to anyone struggling with this terrible condition and finding little relief in the conventional treatments.

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Great! Am going to talk to the people at the acupuncture / Chinese medecine college i see to ask if they do herbs.