Transient ischemick attack

Is it possible some of us here have these symptoms cause of a TIA?

Unlikely I’d think. Symptoms rather different I’d imagine. Here in UK there are medical guidelines whereby doctors are obliged to carry out bedside tests with people experiencing vertigo attacks in order to rule out TIAs. I understand certain types of vertigo/migraine attacks can have very similar symptoms to TIAs. Only this week I read this article in the Sunday press which does compare the episode Michael Moseley (well known UK TV presenter of medical programmes who did initially train as a doctor) experienced to both migraine and TIAs.

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Migraine and TIA can sometimes look similar. An MRI would rule that out for you.

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TIA’s not showing on MRI I think. Also I am not sure if a TIA can cause permanent problem.

The article above talks about TIA as noticeable on MRI. I have a friend who’s had TIA - her neurologist can see it.

I searched a lot but many sites said that TIAs is difficult to be seen. I am so confused.

Maybe I’m wrong but I know two friends who’ve had strokes, one a long time ago and one recent. The long time ago one had a TIA and it shows on her MRI.

I think you are just looking for as many reasons as possible to be scared. I’d suggest you stop. MAV must be many times more common than TIAs, and TIAs must be pretty unusual in young people aged 24. From my own experience I think it’s the people like @flutters and me who have long protracted attacks that put us in bed for days and in Emily’s case can lead to her losing consciousness, that is what is similar between MAV and TIAs. UK doctors always carry out bedside tests to rule TIAs out so it cannot be that difficult for doctors to tell the difference. Unless you are suffering such attacks I wouldn’t imagine there’s that much similarity. Unless you have had some problem with toxicity as a result of mosquito control I’d think the doctors overstimulation through spending far too long on computers bringing on MAV-like symptoms a better explanation than most. There’s loads of people on here who can relate to that, me included. Helen


I had sudden attacks of dizziness/vertigo for 3 secs with extreme lighting headeache on one side of the head, dunno if one of those attacks were TIAs. My endocrinologist said me many times I have a great risk of stroke cause of my weight ( I am too skinny for my height). The sad part is that I cant make an examination to check about toxicity from the anti mosquito. They have the same symptoms with VM and explains a lot the fatigue plus all the confusion. If I understood correctly you are saying that VM is the most accurate diagnosis over neurotoxicity.

I cannot guess what condition you have. All I meant to say was there seem to be a large number of people who spend long hours on computers and then develop MAV so being told you have MAV because of ‘overstimulation’ gaming would seem reasonable to me but I don’t know your full medical history . I didn’t mean to say VM/MAV is the most accurate diagnosis over neurotoxicity. I know nothing about neurotoxicity. I know I have a MAV diagnosis and I have no trouble believing that because it makes sense to me. I also know you do need to find a diagnosis you can believe in before you can even start to improve. Make a long list of all your doubts and raise them with the consultant at your next appointment.

Sometimes its a bit difficult to understand what someone is saying in texts. Thanks for clarifying. The VM diagnosis would be better tbh from all the other things I have in my mind. It seems that for sure the computer played its part, if I can exclude the other crazy thoughts I have I will eventually calm down.

Pleased to hear you feel you will soon be able to calm down. That will do almost as much for you as the medication I suspect. All vestibular conditions feed on anxiety. Just makes them worse. Only too happy to clarify. It must be difficult when English is not your first language. I think you do brilliantly well. Something Mother should be proud of tackling all these medical terms etc in a second language. Had it been me we were discussing I can safely say I could rule out neurotoxicity in my case as near certain as you can get but your life and environment may well be very different from mine. For one thing I’m not fighting mosquitos with electrical devices and live in a well ventilated house. I should think because MAV is common it is more likely and after all that was what the specialist said and he has had training, lots of it. I expect you will improve with some calmness and maybe an increase in medication after your next visit.

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If I could rule out all these crazy conditions I am thinking its a good start for getting calm. I never thought about TIA or neurotoxicity until recently. My room was the classic messy room of a guy who stays a lot hours infront of a computer and also having all doors shut cause of the cold weather that period.

I would imagine that the US is probably the only place you could possibly get the necessary tests to scientifically rule out almost anything and everything relating to MAV. There may well be other places but either way it would prove expensive. They do say medicine is an art and not a science and for many conditions there are still in 2019 no definite answers so to expect to ‘rule out all those crazy conditions’ just would not prove realistic anyway. You are just setting the bar way too high. Discuss specifics with your specialist and learn to let go of the rest as another of life’s lessons learnt.

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Agreed. You’re driving yourself crazy. Practice acceptance and try to ramp down the anxiety. You’ll feel a lot better.


I dont know what to do for sure. I have problems now with my parents too, my morher thinks I am faking all these and none can make her change mind. So its a dead end for me…

Don’t be so melodramatic and negative about it. From Mother’s point of view it must be difficult to accept and believe in a diagnosis you, who is living with it, doesn’t believe in yourself, it’s expecting the impossible. If she will not attend the appointment with you you need to present her with written proof. A copy of the specialist’s letter to your doctor plus a copy of the consultant’s profile if you can find it on the internet. Just present her with some written facts. Find and get her to read a description of the condition. Get her to listen to some of the stories of other sufferers. It is a strange condition to understand because of its invisibility. All too easy to disbelieve. She’ll come around.

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Its a person who thinks she has right all the time. There is no hope to understand. And lets say she understnds there will be no excuses for chilling and trying to go back to my feet.

Well Darling, you’ve got us. I’m old enough to be your mom. I believe you.

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