Trazodone, anyone?

Hi everyone! Haven’t been here much lately, as I am back at work and managing pretty well with my Paxil/Verapamil combo.

Just saw doc yesterday and started Trazodone for sleep. Anybody else try it? It seems to have ramped up symptoms just a little bit; some off balance this AM, and tinnitus is really loud! Weird dreams too.

Hope you all are well, or at least getting there!


Hi Kathleen,

Glad to hear you are back at work and things are going well. Are you still finding walking and balance a lot easier on these meds? Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Not sure about the med as I have never taken it…I wonder if maybe you could take a benzo at night instead if this one is throwing your balance off?

I started a bout 2 months ago…I do have vivid dreams, but really helps with going to sleep as I suffer from loud tinnitus.
I only take 25 mg per night as any more than that I woke up groggy and a little dizzy.

I take trazodone for sleep, one or two depending on what kind of day I am having. Some days none. Really helps me sleep, sometimes throught the night which is refreshing because that hasn’t happened in years. I am a little groggy when I wake up but that goes away quickly. Haven’t noticed any ramp up in symptoms. But for sleep and sleep only I would recommend it.

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, walking and balance are much improved on the Paxil/Verapamil combo. And for some reason now, all of a sudden a lot of my energy is coming back. Could be because I get more exercise, even if it’s just walking around the office.

Mostly having trouble staying asleep. The Ambien was not helping a whole lot and I felt that the quality of my sleep was not very good. And, Ambien can also interact some way with Verapamil, so I wanted to change it.

I took the Trazodone for one night and then stopped as I had a cold and couldn’t tell if it was the Traz or the cold that was causing my symptoms to increase. When I went back, a couple of nights ago, I started at 1/2 a tablet (25mg) and will give it a go for a while at that level because I am sleeping and I still feel good.

Still getting LOUD tinnitus from it and some ear plugging; hoping those will go away and I can use this med. I have used much less Xanax on the days following taking it. I do use some Valium for the tinnitus tho as it and the plugged ears can get so dang annoying. I don’t feel off balance as much on 25mg. So hopefully I’m just in the typical breaking in period.

Take care everybody!!