Tremors/muscle spasms/tingling

Hi Everyone!

I have seen a few posts about tremors/muscle spasms as a symptom and thought it would be interesting to discuss as this is a symptom I started to have in the past 2 weeks.

At first I had twitches in my neck and jaw+ tingling on my face and now I feel weird spasms in my arms. I read the description"internal tremor" and found it accurate.
Do you have similar symptoms, and how did you get these under control?

I hear that effexor / amitriptyline helps some with their tingling issues. Don’t know about the constant twitches though.

Maina :v:

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Hi Maina,
I have had tremors for quite some time too and have mentioned them here on the forum.
Mainly stemming from my neck and shoulders.

Both of the migraine specialists that I have seen have noticed it without my saying anything… of course, I didn’t even know it was correlated to migraine at the time. They called it “essential tremor” and after researching, I see it is very common with migraine sufferers.

The tremor didn’t change much for me with Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline, however when my current Dr added Topomax; he stated it should help with the tremor also… and it most certainly has! Honestly until reading this post, I hadn’t thought of it in a couple of months… so, I guess it’s gone and I haven’t even noticed! Amazing isn’t it how I could just forget about that after years of dealing with it?

You’ll get there! :purple_heart:

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Amazing !! Thank you so much for documenting this success because HONESTLY I thought I was starting to think I am crazy. :muscle: It is SO helpful as I will see my ENT and Neuro next week, good to be documented beforehand!!

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Ps: So happy to read that this is past history for you !!

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Tingling in arms and legs, yes. Once had “lockjaw” spasm in face. But tremors and general spasms, no…

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@Maina Welcome! I had been having spasms in my legs & an intention tremor with my fingers for a long time before I got diagnosed with VM (which was just recently). I haven’t really had spasms much in the past few months since the VM problems started, but I have terrible tingling in my body–mostly legs. I’ve had numbness in my arms and legs for over 8 years, but no one knows what’s causing it, so with the added tingling it is really an awful feeling. I’ve only been diagnosed for a little over 3 weeks and I am Ami, but have not noticed any difference. I am going to give the meds more time to work and hopefully will start feeling better soon. I hope you will feel better soon also!

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Thanks a lot !! Let us know how everything goes. Drugs take some time to work and rewire our brain but they eventually do with time. Hope this will go well XX