I am wondering if anyone who has MAV also has a problem with tremors that are not related to medication?


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I used to shake like crazy when I first got hammered with this. My hands would tremble. Couldn’t even hold a cup and saucer without it rattling. S

I used to wake up every morning with internal trembling that couoldn’t be seen, but I could feel it. Only when I was coming to consciousness. I still get it on occasion. Hate it.

Similar to Kelley - an internal sense of feeling shaky, jittery, nervy, uncomfortable. Similar to the feeling of hypoglycemia.


I hate that it is an issue for other people but at the same time it is nice to know I am not alone. It’s a terrible feeling!


I thought I was going crazy. I have this so bad sometimes. It usually comes along with my legs feeling weak and wobbly. Seems to happen mostly in the morning.


I get them in my neck muscles in the morning when I first wake up… it was VERY unnerving at first but now I just let my muscles do their thing until they calm. Very strange!

I get the internal shaking thing too from time to time, figured it was MAV but now I know for sure I’m not alone. In my case If happens mostly when I’m laying down and I close my eyes, like there’s an earthquake inside of me. So many weird things we have to experience with this condition

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I used to get tremors in my legs, especially when I was standing still and couldn’t see what I was standing on (such as when I would stand on a chair or on some stairs). They used to be bad enough to make me lose my balance. VRT pretty much got rid of them though.

Yes! It’s like I have one of those massage devices inserted in me. Lol! That sounds inappropriate.

YES! I get this all the time.

Yes, I get shakiness every day at some point, probably part of the feedback loop in my brain balance system. My brain is creating vertigo, and then it tells my muscles to respond in various ways. Thats how it is for me.

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This is the worst symptom for me and it seems to be getting worse. So unsettling as it wakes me up at night.

Hey there! Can anybody tell me what helps with this “shaky feeling” to go away?
My hands are shaking like crazy since all this thing started. Whats the medication that helps with this?

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