Tricyclics - 3rd time lucky?

I was hoping to ask a question about tricyclics. I tried ami only got up to 25mg as i had to stop because of increased heart rate. I’m currently on Dothep 75mg have had some improvement but nothing worth raving about and suspect its causing some allergic reactions. So my question to you guys is, do you think it’s worth me trying nort, another tricyclic? My neurologist has said topamax as my next med to try if Dothep doesn’t work it’s magic at 100mg, but its quite a daunting med.

Hi Krystal,
I tried Nortriptyline as my 'first go at tricyclics and got up to 50mg. They helped my headaches to a certain extent but did nothing for balance. I switched to Prothiaden because I was getting racing heart and sweats at night. Are the hives still giving you problems?

Hey Barb,

The ami gave me a racing heart. im tempted to try it because so many have had success with it.but I think the next med I trial if Dothep doesn’t work out is topamax. Eek, it’s pretty scary when you read all the reviews on the net, but there are so many good ones too.

yeah the hives are still there but they have settled down a bit, I have a suspicion that the 75mg tablet is what I reacted to. So I’m on 75mg but made up of 3 x 25mg capsules. I’m now trying to wait them out, drinking tons of water and having homemade veggie and fruit juices to get the goodness back into me. Hopefully they disappear soon.

Thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Hey Barb, I’m coming off Dothep and starting nortriptyline. Do you know how long I should wait in between taking them? The hives have decreased with me decreasing my Dothep dose, so hopefully the nort is different enough to not give me hives, but not too much different to give me a racing heart. eek.

Hope the topamax and cymbalta are treating you well.