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trigeminal neuralgia

This article served to remind me that while my condition (MAV) is no cake walk… it is, compared to some.

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I have left sided Trigeminal Neuralgia. It was diagnosed before MAV. It truly isnt a walk in the park. I know without doubt menopause is the partly the culprit for MAV but i also think when i have flare up of Neuralgia it also contributes. I take Gabapentin fot it
Jo x


Hi Renee, thanks for sharing. My mum has this about 25years now, it’s truly awful and when she’s in a very painful flare up I’m glad I’ve only got mav. E x

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As there seem so many links within MAVers and families it makes me wonder if some enhanced sensitivities to stimuli are what is inherited rather than ‘migraine’ itself. Back to the predisposition theory again. Helen

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