Trigger point therapy

Anyone read about the connection between trigger points and all of our symptoms? Migraine, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, temporary hearing loss, disequilibrium, rocking sensation etc, all is included in symptoms from trigger points in the back and neck in a book I read by Clair Davies, called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. Very interesting information.


A while back I ordered a book called “Discovering Body Logic” written by a person on the meniere’s forum. She talked about what it sounds like you’re referring to - trigger points - and claimed (from what I understood) that most (if not all) of our symptoms can be cured through this trigger point therapy she described in her book. I bought the book & didn’t have any luck with it. It required/described lots of massage-type therapy. I wasn’t able to afford a professional masseur/masseuse (thank you Mr. Webster :slight_smile: ) & couldn’t get my husb to help me with it. I ended up giving the book to an acquaintance. While massage would probably feel great & relieve my tight muscles, in my opinion it wouldn’t cure my migraine symptoms.

Just my two cents … saw nobody’d responded to your post & thought I’d mention it.

I am seeing a massage therapist on Wednesday who teaches trigger point therapy so I will let you know what she says.

Great! I look forward to hearing about it.