Hi all,

Is butter a trigger?
Are nuts a trigger?

i know citrus is a trigger but is citric acid a trigger?

It all depends on the person. Each person has different triggers. You would have to do a test run.

are they common triggers for people though?

I’ve heard more people say that nuts is a trigger for them. Not sure if I’ve ever heard anyone say butter is a trigger

Finally, finally, I tested citrus, and find that at least lemon and orange are not triggers for me, or at any rate not bad ones. Wouldn’t risk them when I’m feeling vulnerable, though. Same thing with nuts. The only ones that failed the test so far are pine nuts. HOwever, it could be that I just tested them on a bad day. Still, despite my fondness for the flavor, they’re way way down on my list for retesting.

According to the Heal your Headache diet, nuts and citrus are triggers but not butter (as long as it’s proper butter and not spread which contains preservatives etc) You know, like block butter wrapped in paper.

Nuts are a big trigger for me, butter is fine.


Someone else mentioned the book Heal Your Headache. It has a list of foods that are pretty common triggers. Nuts of all kinds are on the list. Still, what works as a trigger does vary from individual. It is helpful to figure out what your triggers are - althou it is frustrating at times. To me. I miss having walnuts with my oatmeal.

Wishing you good luck - Molly

how about eggs?

I’ve never had a problem with eggs. Didn’t even know they might be a trigger til someone posted that they were on Dr S’s no-go list. But for me they’re OK.


I am not supposed to eat eggs. I did the York blood test for hundred and something foods and two came up that I shouldnt eat, eggs and yeast. True, if I have two eggs I will get migraine but lately I have been getting away with the odd egg, but am pushing my luck. Its a shame I love them.


The Heal your Headache book says that citric acid is fine.