Has anyone tried Trintellix? New psych may want to switch to it but curious how it worked overall and if it affected your migraines either way. Zoloft and Lamictal has helped me so make the switch is a gamble for less side effects.

Must admit it’s not a drug I have ever heard of before so had to look it up. I think it unlikely because it’s not a MAV preventative drug but appears to be specialist drug used for depressive disorders. There is only one mention on here if you use Search facility.

Interesting I couldn’t find any mention of it when I searched here. It’s a newer ssri that also works as a modulator. How that breaks down in practical terms beats me. I know many drugs were not considered for MAV but have then been successful as there are so many variables. Low dose Adderall has actually helped me tons so I just don’t know anymore

I tried it about 3 years ago for about 3 months its called Brintellex here in UK. I was on it for depression, ive been on most meds and cant remember why i stopped. Couldnt have been much good or id still be on it. I will have to look back at my diary to see what happened to my MAV while i was taking it. . What S/Es are you getting on current regime ?
PS. Just looked at diary. It didnt do much for my mav but that doesnt mean it wont work for you. I think i stopped bc I had the guinea pig anxiety. New drug back then.


It’s amazing what knowledge we posters on here hold collectively. Thanks for that bit of insider know-how. There’s one post about somebody taking it under the name ‘Brintellex’. Of course that’s thei experience. The only way to know how any drug is going to affect any single individual however as we all know is to try it @dizzyZACH then you can let us all know. Helen

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Hi there. I actually came back on here to find out if anyone had used Brintillex/Trintillex (vortioxetine) for MAV. I take low dose topiramate and lamotrigine for it but I have also more recently been diagnosed with a mental health disorder so after many failed medication attempts for that I ended up with this one (and reboxetine). I was on it for about 2 years.

I stopped vortioxetine when I was trying to get on lithium but that gave me evil vertigo so I gave up. I went back on vortioxetine again but then decided to see if I could manage without it due to the side effects.

Since stopping I have had a relapse (with the MAV) and the vertigo is quite bad again. It made me wonder if the vortioxetine had been helping to keep the vertigo at bay without me realising and I wondered if anyone else had found it had helped them.

The side effect I had with vortioxetine that didn’t go away was vomiting. I had to take a metaclopramide tablet with it every night even after two years or I would throw up.