Hey all,

Even though I rarely get an aura, I was prescribed Amerge to try the next time I get a pretty bad attack. I took it last night and I think it helped some, but I’m still feeling pretty awful today. Any advice on whether I should take another one today and see if it knocks the attack out entirely? I can’t reach my doctor for a couple weeks at least.

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By attack, do you mean a migraine headache? There are many symptoms of migraine “attacks”… optical, headache, vertigo, nausea/vomiting, etc.

If I get a migraine headache and one Imitrex or Zomig does not do the job, I usually take another one a few hours later or the next morning. Sometimes it takes two, or even three to finally get rid of a headache. Though that is rare, and I usually only have to take one.

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Exactly. The headache itself is the least of my problems. Are you on any preventive medication? I’m unsure how many triptans I’m able to take considering I’m also on an SNRI and may be at risk of serotonin syndrome. I also have to point out the high correlation between your username and post content :smiley: