Trokendi XR or is there something better?

Wondering what your thoughts are and what medication do you take for MAV or vestibular migraines.

Yes, that’s a great one to try first, have you started already? What dose?

Dr. Hain’s website is very useful. You can read about the treatment options for vestibular migraines here:

As you can see Topomax (Trokendi) is one of the top meds, so you are doing the right thing, just hang in there and keep going!

I personally started with Verapamil but my kidney’s didn’t tolerate it over time, then I switched to Topomax for a few months but it increased my insomnia over time. It worked really well for dizziness and migraines though. I recently switched to Amitriptyline and it helps, but I’m naturally skinny so it wouldn’t be my first choice if I was overweight. I think propranolol may be a good one to try as well.

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I was taking Trokendi XR but my insurance would not cover the cost of the medication. They switched me to topamax 25mg walking up in dose to 100mg over three weeks.

It can be effective for MAV for sure but it puts on weight every bit as good as Amitriptyline. Believe me. I used to be too thin too. Helen


Okay, many people with vestibular migraines feel sensitive to medications. If you feel too many side effects it may be a good idea to simply reduce the starting dose instead of giving up on the med. I personally started on 5mg topomax by crushing a 25mg pill and weighing the pieces. Then after about a month of working my way up I was able to get to 50mg.


Yep! Add me to the list. Also gained on propranolol… Topomax is the best for weight loss.