Trouble Swallowing

This is a new symptom for me since diagnosed with MAV. When I get a migraine I feel like I have something in my throat and I can’t swallow - THEN I get panicky like I’m choking and not getting air which leads to anxiety. Does anyone else have this?

You can get a lump in the throat with anxiety, but it could also be a goitre causing it, if you havent done it already, I would get your thyroid checked, not just the TSH but for antibodies.


Hi there,

There’s a pretty well established link between migraine and reflux. Migraine seems to globally effect the nervous system, gastric motility is reduced thus increasing the incidence of gastro-oesophageal reflux, which can present in the manner you describe.

I’d suggest you start taking domperidone, either symptomatically when your migraine symptoms start if this problem is only intermittent (when I feel a bad patch coming on I always take a dose of domperidone, have a big drink and eat something easily digestible +/- painkillers) or regularly if this problem is more continuous.

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