Trying to act normal

Snce the start of this crappy episode of dizzy symptoms I have been lucky with the fact that I have not had a day off work due to illness… Although I can’t really explain how I’ve pushed through it at times, but luckily for me when I am sat down at my desk I do not feel as bad as when standing so I have been able to cope…

The major difficulty for me is that i am living in Switzerland having moved here from England back in January and having had these symptoms now since march I am sure it would have been so much easier with family and friends support nearby, and without the added pressure of having to make new friends and socialise when all I have wanted to do is just lay down to avoid the horrid symptoms that result from standing.

I have at times thought about packing my new job in and returning back to the uk but I also know that I would probably regret that decision for the rest of my life as this really is a fantastic opportunity for me

I find that I can somehow cope with work ok, it’s when I meet up with people and do normal thinks like go to a coffeeshop or for a drink by the lake that I feel so awful. A situation I would previously have loved but now it’s a real struggle to just ‘act’ happy and not be freaked out by the world moving around me and the floor moving under me.

I believe my dizziness is rather complex because I can deal with situations that most dizzy people couldn’t ie. cycling for hours at a time symptom free

I just wish everything wasn’t a chore anymore and I could actually enjoy doing something… I mean, it’s not like I am going to die or something bad will happen, but when in the situation that is all my brain is telling me… I just feel like I want to flee to the comfort of the sofa, sometimes this escape feeling is so strong it takes a lot of energy not to react… But in this 4.5 months of this condition now I have noticed that nothing bad actually does happen… It’s just about training my mind somehow to not react so badly when I feel really dizzy…

Hi Richy

The reason why you are able to cope with work is because your mind is diverted and you kinda end up focussing more on the work and not the symtoms. Likewise when you are cycling, you are focussing on the cycling and your mind is busy. When you are with people having drinks your mind is relaxed and free from any other thoughts hence you end up focussing more on the symptoms hence the the anxiety kicks in. I assume the people you hang out with are new people who you have just met recently in switzerland and they don’t know about your symptoms? It would be easier to hang out with friends if you could admit to them about your problem and if they truly are your friends, they will look after you. Yes this may make you feel weak sometimes, but so what? Its something that you are going through and you just have to train your mind that you will find a med that works one day and until then you have to be strong and keep going by accepting these symptoms. I have been through all the above myself. I am still battling this stupid illness trying to find a med that works and face massive anxiety. However its a lot better than when it first started. Just remember, every time you realize that you are starting to focus on your symptoms, go and do something to divert your attention straight away. Something that you liked to do before this illness began. This will keep you going until you find a med

Oh and living alone is a bad idea. With this illness, you should try to live with someone who you can trust and openly talk too about your illness to find relief that u have som1 around to share your thoughts with it like your girlfriend/boyfriend, close friend, parents husband/wife etc. Sharing your thoughts with sum1 makes you relaxed. its a temporary solution but helps a lot when u r getting very anxious.

Hi nabeel

Thanks for your thoughts . Yes you are right these are new friends and unfortunately I don’t really have any old friends or family here as its all new for me

I used to live with my girlfriend back in england and the intention was that she would follow me out here but I decided to break up back in march ( funnily enough only 4 days before the symptoms kicked off ) and ever since then I have had this

It was difficult for me to act normal because I couldn’t be under any artificial light. So even indoors I would often have to wear sunglasses or at the very least have a hat pulled down tight over my eyes. I certanly felt like a fool at times wearing sunglasses indoors, but it was better than feeling sick.

My wife and family understood and I explained it to my friends. I think they thought it was a bit odd but I had known them for a while. It is definitely a hard thing to explain because most people don’t get it. I usually described it as being complications from migraines.

just wanted to chime in and say that I think there is more to this than anxiety, IMO. I am pretty much bedbound, but have relief in a car. and, likely, would have relief cycling as well (although have never tried, as I’m guessing I would feel even worse when done).

I never feel dizzy when cycling, its when the bicycle stops the world is moving. This has happened when I have driving the car into town, fine while driving. Get out of the car and dizzy. Once I drove into town, feeling fine, got out of the car, dizzy, got back in the car and came home :frowning:


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just wanted to chime in and say that I think there is more to this than anxiety, IMO. I am pretty much bedbound, but have relief in a car. and, likely, would have relief cycling as well (although have never tried, as I’m guessing I would feel even worse when done).

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Hi Lisa,

Im sure there is more to this than anxiety, but people say stress can cause many physical symptoms, so why would it not cause the symptoms we also suffer from? I guess im clutching at straws a bit as this crap has been going on for so long now, looking for any answer really


I relate to you so very much. I was decent at putting on a brave face at work until it became too difficult for me to spend hours on the computer. Thought most of the time I felt unwell, I would act professional, get through the day, then come home and sob to my husband, the person I love being with most. Being out with friends, and doing “normal,” fun activities is often hard because I’m hyper-aware of the fact that I should be enjoying myself, and that adds a lot of pressure. I feel like I can’t talk about what’s really going on with me to other people because I’ll come off as a Debbie Downer. And all that anxiety just brings out my symptoms even more. With work, I didn’t feel there was any particular expectation of me to be a happy-go-lucky person – I just had to do my work.

I’d say the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep spending time with people as you can, but maybe make it in environments where you feel more comforted (perhaps at your home, or a nearby coffee shop rather than somewhere you have to worry about traveling, for example). Spend time with people who you feel comfortable confiding in if you need to. The times I do allow myself to let go, I realize I’m not dwelling on my condition because I’m with people that I know wouldn’t judge me if I needed to take a rest or tell that something is going on. I only have one or two great friends like this, but they are the ones who really count. Hugs to you!