Trying topamax again

My family doc wanted me to try topamax again. I tried it over almost 2 years ago at 100mg for 3 months and I dont think it did anything at that time. I wasnt very good about avoiding triggers so I wonder if thats why it didnt work. It seems that dr silver, surenthiran and hain all use this med so I have a hard time it wont hwlp me. Is it a waste of time to try again? I wanted to try gabapentin but this doc didnt want to prescribe that.

im not sure if its worth it. why wouldnt the dr. prescribe gabapentin? did u try that one before too? i feel for you you have tried so many meds- have any helped at all? does your family dr. think it might be possible you have a different diagnosis?

The only med that ever helped was Gabapentin, but I had to change doctors since I moved, and the new doc wont prescribe it for migraine… Ive tried 5 other meds and I think the reason they didnt work was because I wasnt strict enough about my diet, as I have found some clear triggers since my failed medication trials.

Wow. That seems strange your new doc won’t let you go back on gabapentin. Did she say why? If the reason isn’t rational to you, perhaps you should change docs.

I have done some through research on this board regarding Topamax, it seems that several people are finding great results at 100-200mg. I think my previous trial was inconclusive because I didnt get past 100mg, I should have tried the max dose of 200 before moving on. My plan is to get up to 200mg if Im able to, and sit there for a few months and see what happens.

Hi Darren,
if you have identified food/drink triggers then that’s great - you realise that you need to try and be more discplined, so good luck to you.
But, if the gabapentin was working before, I think you need to insist on seeing someone that understands this condition and explaining your situation. Change docs if need-be (I just changed doctor because my previous one wouldn’t authorise me to see Dr. S on the NHS…the new doctor wrote a letter and I’m seeing Dr. S in a couple of weeks time).

It really sounds like you should return to Gabapentin, with the trigger-avoidance and see what happens after a few months at a therapeutic dose. I had amazing results with Pizotifen years ago, and after a break from it, returned to find similar success, so returning to a drug that has been successful in the past can definitely reap benfits.

Good luck in whatever you decide!

P.S. It seems that Gabapentin is a favourite of Dr. S, since I know of several people who have been put on this after seeing him…

Just to followup a few years after my original post. Topamax was a huge success at 150mg, but it didnt help before being on 150mg for about 3 months on that dose.

I just found your post. I hope your are continuing to do well.
How quickly did you increase your dose. Did you find you vertigo increased with each change? What encouraged you to keep trying?
Thanks for your advice.