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Turmeric for migraine


I take the turmeric combos (turmeric, bioperine, ginger, boswellia) every day, have for years. It has a low grade anti-inflammatory effect. One more tool in the toolbox.

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I took Curcummin (purified tumeric) for about 6 months, they have pretty good deals at Costco here in the U.S. It wasn’t clear to me whether its OK to stay on a high dose indefinitely, so I stopped as my MAV has calmed down quite a bit anyways.

When I researched it for my SO and his arthritic hip I discovered it isn’t recommended for continuous use. From what I read recommended usage varied depending on what condition was being treated but from memory maximum listed for any individual condition was only about 3 months. My SO has found it very helpful but is about to come off it for a break.