Two successful days

This isn’t a success story of someone being able to say, I damned well have it, but a very short-term achievement. The last little while has been bloody hot around here. Yesterday there was a fierce thunderstorm

During the first bit of wind, a tree fell from my property across my neighbors’ fence. They responded with considerable hostility and threatening behavior and words. I am not someone who is at ease with having folks angry at me. During the lull in the storm, I went out with a fiberglass ladder to attempt to cut the tree up and away, and remove it from their property. Then the storm resumed. Eventually, the tree was on my property, in pieces. I was shaky; BP and pulse up, even in the evening after I returned from an emergency call (for a perfectly pleasant family). Even this morning, on my way to a job, I was fussing over the situation, especially as when I stopped off to buy a replacement for the damaged piece, it did not seem to be available from the store the neighbor had named.

Today’s job was hot, and not easy. Nonetheless, over the course of the day, I calmed down.

With all this, no migraine symptoms. Zero (so far). I took an ambien last night, because I didn’t want to risk being short of sleep before today’s responsibilities. Otherwise, no modifications to my regimen. I’m damned lucky.