Typical day

What does a typical day look like for you with VM?

I was in remission and living life but having a set back and my life has changed and my anxiety is so high again.

I’d like to see how everyone finds time to try to move and rest especially while feeling chronically dizzy (if you are)

My best advice Luna is to seek out some medical help in order to get some control over your anxiety.
It could just be that that is the main obstacle to you seeing any improvement/return to your previous settled VM state. Could well be.

Try using the Search facility (press the magnifying glass symbol and type Typical Day into the box). You will find quite a few references there which if nothing else will prove there’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’ for people with VM or indeed for anybody else. Apart from the obvious, sleep, waking up, showering, eating, the basic functions of life everybody’s days are different. If you refer to what are other people’s days like in terms of VM symptoms, much the same applies. The results in that search will prove MAV symptoms vary tremendously in severity between individuals and for each individual both daily and often hour to hour. Some people can cope with going to work, some are long term off sick, some think they can cope and struggle to work when they would be better off being at home and resting. Everybody is different. Very different… Chronic dizziness is both debilitating and exhausting. Willpower and the motivation to engage are required in order to implement any plan and VM sufferers need rather more than most other people to achieve their aims. The old saying comes to mind ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’. You need to start small, very small. I had the motivation of a therapist who told me I must walk outside everyday. That was my start.


Ive read you are taking zoloft. If zoloft is not helping with your anxiety I would ask your doctor if they could prescribe venlafaxine. It is great with anxiety and top med for this condition.
And agree with everything Helen said.


I am stuck in the chronic side of VM right now, but it’s chronic-episodic. I may be able to do yoga in the morning, complete with balance poses, then find myself crouched on the floor or stuck on the sofa one hour later. I kept working as a teacher until taking medical leave again three weeks ago because I could drive 45 minutes to work and then become unable to lift my head from my desk.

I long for a few days of no vertigo just to feel “normal,” but my normal is not what it used to be. Cherish the good times, be kind and thankful to the friends and family who help you, and believe better times will come.

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Even out the strain you are putting you vestibular system under and it might ease up on the amount of objections it throws at you in the form of increased vertigo. Just a suggestion drawing on my own (too) many years of experience of this ****!