Tyramine foods

I’m wondering how much people suffer from the tyramine foods (which I normally live on) e.g. bananas, avocados, nuts, etc.?

As Tyramine is not generally well known …

Tyramine foods list - very helpful!

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Yes, I’m very sensitive to one of my faves, avocados. 10 minutes after eating avocado, I get a headache.

I think you might just want to give the migraine diet (heal your headache) a shot for a few months. It’s not that hard to do for a few months, especially if you are suffering with something as awful as vertigo. It helped some for me and I stayed on the diet (strictly) for 6 months or so before I started to relax a bit to about 80%. These days I don’t really restrict much. Just coffee…

There have been some people that completely recover in a matter of weeks by following a strict migraine diet. It’s rare I’d say, but it can happen. Worth a shot.

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