U.K. Shortage of blood bottles

It appears routine and non urgent blood tests, taken via doctors surgeries at least, are currently suspended. I had read something to that effect a couple of weeks back but today received the following text from the NHS as no doubt have very many others.

”Due to national blood bottle shortage we are only able to do the most critically urgent blood tests. Please do not contact the surgery. We will contact you as necessary”

Thankfully Blood tests aren’t, as far as I am aware, part of the VM diagnosis regime. They certainly weren’t with me. One can only assume the shortage to be in some way linked to reallocation of resources due to The pandemic.

When I first heard of the shortage emphasis was on temporarily (one hopes) eliminating the less crucial tests and interesting enough the main one of those listed was for Vitamin D deficiency which could be of concern to some potential MAVers. We can only hope the situation can soon be rectified.