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(UK) How to organise a top quality private doctor?

How do I organise a quality private doctor in the UK? I live in Bristol but moving to London in 2 months.

I’m new to the UK and don’t really understand how the medical system works yet, but I’m really suffering and not getting any help with the public system. Doctors don’t even seem to care when I tell them I can barely stand up any more and can no longer drive. I can barely walk and still can’t even get an in-person evaluation? I don’t understand.

I’m willing to pay any price right now for a top quality medical service in this country. I’ve had VM for a little over 10 years and managed it up until now, but this year the vertigo has gotten so much worse than ever before and it’s now disabling me.

The money is no longer important, I will pay any amount of money to try and feel better.

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We’re near neighbours then. Options locally are extremely limited and pretty abysmal. Very little choice. It’s a small world. They all know each other and pass patients between. I’ve no objection to that but it does just mean you can pay out several times and you get the same opinions over and over as they only have the one hymn sheet and share. Sorry if that sounds cynical but that’s my findings.

Some people just travel to London. You could try and book up there if you are intending to move that way. All depends on affliction/how long you are prepared to wait. Bear in mind appointments often mean months of waiting beforehand.

If you want local try the Spire or CircleBath. I’ve seen Dr Nicola Giffen at the Circle twice. She is a migraine specialist neurologist. She’s the author of various papers.

In fairness the NHS works pretty well if rather slowly. It really does excel at many things. Anything routine particularly. However when it comes to vestibular conditions it falls way behind many other countries. The difficulties people experience are not acknowledged. Knowledge is very limited, out dated and most ‘experts’ and family doctors just rely on following the NHS Guidelines which for example indicate the use of only three different preventatives. Again in fairness I think Chronic Vestibular conditions such as you, and me, have developed are not common. Episodic conditions are far less challenging for both Doctor and patient. Therefore due to low footfall medics fail to build up any relevant knowledge and few specialists exist. Those few that there are are based in the London area or other large cities such as Liverpool. Much a case of supply and demand although that’s not much assistance to those suffering. I’ve been there myself. Still am.

@Dizeez Chris, welcome to the site, and sorry you’ve been suffering.

I agree with @Onandon03 - indeed the new ENT NHS hospital in London is top class :+1:

However, I would highly recommend seeing the Private gang at the Balance Centre in Grafton Way in London if you are in a hurry.

Do not expect miracles, as much of this illness is still a mystery, but they are very good at conservative treatment. Though I was in a hurry to try all sorts of things, ultimately I believe the conservative approach is the right one given the lack of certainties.

There are many many good consultants in Harley Street, but you may find you get 5 different diagnoses with 5 different doctors.

PS may I also compliment you on the hilarious choice of username! :smiley:

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Hi, yes, it’s a long slog. I started with Prof Linda Luxon at the Balance Centre- 5 years ago. Now with a lovely oncologist, Louisa Murdin at Guy’s hospital and neurologist Dr Georgio Lambru at St Thomas’s hospital. All in London. I’m now on 7th drug…! Also had occipital nerve injection. Duloxetine is current drug, gentler than Venlafaxine. Don’t give up! You’re not alone.