UK Migrainers and heat wave

Dear Uk migrainers especially in the south…does your dizzy brain freak out in the heat like mine does?

Hi Fiona

I don’t find the hot weather alone affects me but the constant changing weather we’ve had lately over the last month and a half has been a nightmare! My dizziness is always worse when the weather changes rapidly from sunny to rainy and back again in the space of a few hours. That’s why may/June and October/November are never good months for me.

Glad it’s cooler today though. It was horrible being stuck in the office


Yes, these last two days have been a bit of a nightmare, no sleep, woke vertigo one day and head has been full of cotton wool. Humidity doesnt agree with me at all, but I have been generally worse this last 3 or 4 months. I am better with it hot and not humid.


I think the heat makes me feel better. Maybe I’ll try microwaving my head when I get home :lol:

I haven’t found it affects my dizziness, although very humid thundery weather often gives me a headache.

Dr S confirmed that MAV can be affected by barometer chages.

Had some really great days, and now today I feel a bit more dizzy, and just not right. It is overcast and stormy. I will have to pay attention to see if these days make me feel like this… the heat, though makes me feel no different. I just try really hard to stay hydrated.

According to National Press UK currently one week in to a ten day heatwave. Definition of heatwave here apparently is certain number of days with temperatures in excess of 82f/28C. Daytime temperatures have been approaching 90f for many it seems. As is usual with UK weather we experience a few hot really nice Summer Days before the really humid, muggy, headachey stuff really kicks in. The latter does nothing positive for the migraineous head pressure. That’s for sure. I have really been struggling with the very worst constant unsteady/off balance feeling and intermittent head pressure for couple of days now. When the heat really kicks in midday until maybe 7.00pm true dizziness comes with it. No vertigo but the real ‘this is the dizziness that spins up into passing out’ type dizziness. Not the sort MAV has given me to date. So currently I’m becoming more and more convinced this reaction is being produced by Heat Intolerance rather than MAV. In which case it stems from the betablocker. I remember experiencing something similar once before couple of years ago.
We don’t get that many heatwaves here. It’s worse this time. Maybe because I am on a higher dose. Have to wait to see what happens once this heat finally breaks.

Heat Intolerance is a recognised side effect of betablockers. Tricyclics also can make people less heat tolerant. I wouldn’t want this post to put anybody off taking them. Because of my age I am bound to be more sensitive to heat anyway with hot flushes etc. I will update further as and when I can make more sense of the ongoing situation.

5 days later: must have been Heat Intolerance. Seemed to improve later in the evenings and eased off once temperatures dropped virtually overnight by about 10 degrees. :Phew.


Yes!!! Heat is one of my major triggers - especially when it’s sunny as well. Really annoying as I used to love the sun - still do really, just not the way it makes me feel these days.

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