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Unexpected Helpful Treatments

Hi everyone,

I’m 23 and have had MAV for about a year, caused possibly by an overload of toxins/immune response in a short space of time. I’ve tried a lot of treatments and have improved quite a lot overall. Most of the time I now just have a mild sensation of dizziness that is barely noticable, but becomes more noticable at around 8-9pm. When it started I had awful spinning dizziness frequently and felt like a zombie with awful mental slowness and the feeling of being in a dream state.

I originally tried medication but didn’t like the side effects, so I thought I would attempt lifestyle methods first. This condition seems to be a result of a number of concurrent weaknesses that overload the body. One is food intolerance - I went on an elimination diet and slowly reintroduced foods. It turned out I was unable to tolerate amines and glutamates as well as the fact that I have coeliac disease. If you have food intolerances slowly reintroducing foods is a good idea. Going on an inflammation reducing diet is also key for treating migraines (lots of antioxidants). I also have a neck problem (I am told it is to do with the C2-3 disk/joint). Massage and physiotherapy, epsom salt baths, as well as regular, light exercise help for that.

Another surprisingly helpful treatment has been a smart phone application that treats migraine headaches, called brainwave headache. It basically uses slow wavelength sounds in alternating ears to synchronise your brainwaves. I have been using it for a couple of months now and it reduces the dizziness quite significantly. I don’t think it’s a placebo effect:p I really suggest trying it. If you can afford it, neurofeedback might be even more helpful.

I am also going to try getting tinted contact lenses. I have heard good things about rose coloured lenses. They apparently block the wavelengths of light that are irritating to migraineurs. This website may be of use to you

Supplements that I have found useful include St John’s Wort, Gingko Biloba and Magnesium. I am also thinking of getting my hormones checked, as my dizziness is worse before menstruating. The progesterone only pill may help some of us (the ones with oestrogen can increase the risk of stroke in people with migraine).

This is about everything I have learned the past year about managing this illness. I thought I would post this as we don’t have enough research or awareness about this problem, which causes so much suffering (on top of that medical professionals are often skeptical about our symptoms which doesn’t help our mental state). So we need to help each other out:) Keep on hoping, and don’t give up. One day science will find the answer.


What dosage of Gingko helps?

Also the itunes store said brainwave headache the app isn’t around anymore, do you see any that you think are similar? Thanks! (I’m in the US)

Also sorry how long do you listen to it a day and do you lie down or close your eyes or a certain time of day or ?