Unilateral weakness on Romberg and Quix tests?

On the Romberg test where you walk heel-to-toe, I always fall over to the left. Its not just a slight drift either, I fall to where I have to open my eyes again just to stay standing up.

On the Quix test where you close your eyes and stand with your arms stretched in front of you at shoulder height to watch for your fingers drifting, my fingers always drift to the left a few inches. Sometimes I even drift up to 6 inches after only 20-30 seconds.

Do many MAVers have a unilateral weakness on these tests?

Yes, I did. I don’t know the name of the test, but the one where you close your eyes and march on the spot, I always turn far to the left without realising at all. The other tests I always go to the left as well. My problems are with my right ear though.

Beechleaf: I think it’s called the Fukuda stepping test. What a surprise when I opened my eyes and found I’d backed the neurologist almost into a corner and turned a quarter turn!! I was sure I was on the same spot!

I was just curious because I have a very strong unilateral weakness on the left. My doctor suspects perilymph fistula, and it seems most vestibular disorders have unilateral weakness. I was just curious if central disorders often have that too.

I notice that Im dizzier if I turn my head or body to the left.

Also, my eyes always pull to the left when I close them. I have heard of people with PLF describe this, their eyes pull to the side of the PLF. Does anyone feel that??