Unrelenting dizziness

Does this ever go away? It has been 18 months now and it is exhausting!!! My only issue seems to be with the dizziness. It is mainly when standing, walking or especially in Dept. stores. If I am sitting or driving I am O.K., but as soon as I stand up the misery begins. I finally started with Topomax last month and am now on 75mg. Originally, I thought that 50mg. was the answer, but then reality struck again. Is there anything out there that gives even temporary relief from the lightheadedness that someone can take?

How does everyone explain this ailment to friends and family?


Well, at first I told them vertigo…which worked. Then when diagonsed with migraines, I went with that. It worked too…but people will always think of migraines as that “sword-in-your-head” that goes away after a day or two. Not us…so I am now looking to go back to vertigo.

My only suggestion for rough dizziness is antivert, or meclizene, but that’s no guarantee. It does provide me a bit of relief, but your best bet is to keep eating and watch the trigger foods…they only enhance your dizziness if the migraine is present.

I’m so sorry to hear of your problems…please remember that it WILL pass…and maybe soon. You need to be patient with the right meds…but food you can take care of now.

Keep us posted.


For all of us things work differently. For instance, meclazine makes my dizzyness worse and puts me to sleep fro about twelve hours. For me, Topomax was able to stop my 18 month long dizzispell. I stopped taking the Topomax, and started a different med and the dizziness stayed away. The only temporary relief I found from the constant dizziness when I was experiencing it was Valium. I still take Valium when I get hit with a more sever dizzy spell and have to function through it.

Hopefully you experience some relief soon.

…and Topomax treats people differently as well. Hain wouldn’t perscribe this to me since I do presentations often, and I guess you forget words now and then. I will concur that benzos can be a big help with the dizziness. I have Ativan, which I don’t want to continue with - will aim to refill with Valium “just in case”.

I have it under control with the diet and nortryptine
Good Luck. I know how miserable it is.