Unusual Migraine Symptoms: Earaches, Ear Pain


Interesting read. As yet I’ve never had ear pain just ‘pressure’ same as with the head pressure but I know many do. Probably all linked to the Trigmenial nerve. Trouble is the ears and jaw are very close together and from what I’ve read elsewhere, and personally experienced very recently myself as a result of physiotherapy (PT), one of the three areas governed by the Trigmenial nerve includes the lower jaw. Stimulation of that area is a major trigger for me. Interesting I don’t recall ever previously having suffered with lower jaw involvement during vestibular attacks until the physio recently hit the spot but it now appears she’s managed to open up some new route of attack whereby my bottom jaw area is causing ear pressure which does seem to come up from the jaw below rather than down from my head above each time my system is overstimulated.

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Thanks for this… Very interesting and very relevant to me. When my first attack happened, I experienced this for 6 months non stop then it started to ease off. It was sharp and extremely painful, felt like someone had stuck a steak knife down my ear into the middle ofy head.

This article confirms what my neuro told me. At the time I was planning an ent trip to explore the pain and he told me it was migrane. As I started meds it has addressed it. Thankfully its a rarity now and when it happens it’s a couple of hours only.

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This is true for me, I call them “eargraines.” My migraines most frequently present themselves as stabbing unilateral ear pain, sometimes with rotational vertigo. I saw a neurologist who confirmed this was MAV related. I have been on Nortriptyline for years with much success, but am having a flare up recently.

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What dose of nortriptyline are you on ? any weight gain ?. My ear pain migraines are an horrible symptom, when the pain gets worse i take a ibuprofen. Recently with all the aspirin talk i am considering trying a 81mg aspirin instead next time.

I find one normal full strength aspirin, 300mg here in UK but different with you in the US I understand, is sufficient to knock back my rear head pressure and ear pressure - not pain for me, pressure but I cannot imagine a 81mg ‘low dose’ (75mg here) would do it. I think that’s one possible preventative level option though I suppose it might be worth a try. Disappointingly there’s no gain on the stomach bleed front from taking the enteric coated low dose over ordinary which surprised me.

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I’m on a dosage of 25mg of Nortriptyline. I started at 10mg. No real weight gain for me, just a bit of dry mouth and sleepiness.

The ear pain is awful, I’m so sorry you are experiencing it too. One thing I find that helps during an attack is Ativan 1mg. It doesn’t necessarily take all of the pain away, but it does help calm it down.

Ativan is my push comes to shove med (pun !). I use it when things go south pretty fast and i need to really be there at work. I try to limit it to once a month.

I see, stomach bleed is an aspirin side effect. Now that explains enteric coated low dose that i bought.