Update after Neuro-otologist

Ok so I saw the doc this morning and I am not sure what to think. I saw Dr Ian Storper who came as a recommendation from my cousin who is a doctor. I looked him up and he seems to be well qualified. He was very direct and business like but also listened. Anyway, he does not think I have MAV, VN, or labs. He believes that I would be sicker then I am . He also looked at my last MRI and ruled out MS. However, he looked at my last hearing test and said I should get another MRI with contrast this time and an ENG. My hearing test shows my left ear has an acoustic something, well the x is marked lower in the grid that’s all I know. So I will have an ENG in a couple weeks an then another MRI. He said a small tumor could have been missed the last time.

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about all this. I am pretty sure I do not have a brain tumor. My symptoms are really mild and sporadic to be very sick. But I guess you never know. I think he just want’s to eliminate everything and find the source. The ENG should let me know if it’s inner ear and the MRI will show me my lovely brain again. If this comes up clean he suggested maybe VRT. I guess we will have to wait and see. On a positive note, I feel great today.

Hi Deek,

What he is referring to is a “acoustic neuroma”.

Don’t be alarmed though :slight_smile:

If you did, in fact, have this (which is very very very rare), it is not the same as a brain tumor. (You can put your mind to ease)

It is, though, a growth that would be impacting your vestibular nerve. This can be removed and the patient can return to complete normalcy.

So…I obviously am not making a clinical diagnosis on you. If I did that, I would need to charge you a co-pay and set up future clinic visits to milk more money out of you :smiley:

I am just trying to reiterate…don’t sweat it. This would be an “o.k.” diagnosis and would be treatable.

Kind regards, (Still highly unlikely that you have this…they are rare)


Thanks Todd,

I don’t think I have that either or a brain tumor. They symptoms just don’t match up. Either way I look at it as, if I have it, I have it. I can’t un-have it so I just have to deal with it. But my mother had brain cancer, so I know what it does to people and I don’t have those symptoms. I also already had one MRI and a CT and it was clean. It can’t hurt to confirm it though. Maybe the MRI with contrast can show something that’s causing it. The good thing about that is. I get the results right away. I do the MRI then go upstairs to the doc and look at it. That is going to be one tense elevator ride for me though :slight_smile:

Hi Deekon,

First of all, glad to hear you are feeling well :slight_smile:

Hope your next MRI is also fine, but it’s best to rule everything out 100%. Good luck.