Update - Back to square one


I haven’t posted here for a while so I thought I’d write an update since I’ve experienced quite a few changes lately.

I finally got into a Migraine Clinic through the Foothills Hospital in Calgary, AB. I now have neurologists that I can see on a regular basis which is nice. I’m still waiting to see another neurologist who specializes in dizziness symptoms but it’s supposed to be a 5-6 month wait. My first appointment was interesting…they seemed a little baffled that I have so many migraine related symtoms withouth the headache part (aura’s, nausea, dizziness, motion intolerance, light sensitivity, visual disturbances, etc, etc.) At first, it seemed like they didn’t really understand the severity …just because I don’t have pain doesn’t mean this isn’t debilitating! I hate that feeling…like they don’t really believe you.

Anyway, so they finally decided that after 3 years on propranolol I should try something new since it wasn’t as effective as I would have liked (main issue was trouble excercising, low heart rate). I started on Amitriptyline and I immediately noticed the side effects. Really dry mouth, racing heart, facial switching…really weird things. So after a few months of that, they weaned me off and now I’m waiting for a heart test because they were a little concerned about the racing heart issue. So for the first time in 4 years I’m not on anything. And now I realize how much the medications really did help! I was really hopeful that I might be ok without anything (just working with a naturopath) but it’s really quite bad. I find it really hard to concentrate at work and the nausea is extreme. I’va taken Gravol a few times at night and that seems to help a bit but of course it makes you tired. So now I’m just waiting for the heart test and then we’ll go from there…I guess I will either go back on propranolol or try something new. I haven’t tried Verapamil yet so I’m thinking maybe that’s the next step. Ugh, so frustrating! I can’t belive this has been going on for 5 years now …

So what have you decided for your next treatment? (Just because there weren’t lots of responses to your post, doesn’t mean we don’t care! :slight_smile: )

I’m on Amitriptyline right now … for about a week & a half. I have noticed the dry mouth & I was extremely drowsy in the mornings for the first ~4-5 days. Hopefully that’ll work itself out. My headaches seem a little better though.

I’m still not sure yet…I’ve gone back on a low dose of propranolol while I wait for my next appointment on May 5th. So far, it’s not helping at all. I fall asleep by 7 at night! I forgot how tired it can make you feel in the beginning.

I had a major attack last Friday and it still hasn’t gone away completely. I have a strange sensation over my right eyebrow and my eyes have trouble focusing. Ugh…oh well. I’m still trying to be positive and I try and not think about it too much (until the nausea gets so severe I can’t ignore it anymore!).

— Begin quote from "nstraka"

until the nausea gets so severe I can’t ignore it anymore!

— End quote

I experienced nausea in the beginning when my vertigo was bad. Meclizine helped me with that. It made me very tired at first, but eventually I got used to it and now I rarely need it. It doesn’t work for everyone, but it definitely helped me, so I thought I should pass that along to you. I hope you feel better soon!