Update re work

Specialist recommended 4 to 6 weeks off plus a new medication. I’ve had a few bumps with my employer and had 3 weeks off last summer with VM so I’m too anxious to tell them. Ugh.

depends on the new medication and if it works and side effects. Mind sharing what the new med is ?

@foursimplewords I was just watching a session the World Migraine Summit about reducing worries for next attacks. But anyway they recommended going to HR about potential future attacks. That may or may not be a good/viable option for you I don’t know. But migraine is protected under working with disabilities (at least in the U.S.) so the doctor speaking at the summit said with a doctor’s note they should be willing to work with you. Then again, for a brief time period I saw a doctor who thought I was getting exposed to hidden mold at work and didn’t think it was migraine. Going to HR about mold was NOT good for me, they decided I shouldn’t be allowed in the building anymore and I had to stop working right away and had to be escorted around to get my things in case I “fell.” Even though I wanted out of the job at the time, I didn’t want out like that. I prefer to give 2 weeks notice. I regret ever going to HR with the mold, since it was probably bogus anyway, but the specialist at the time was very convincing.

So going to HR could be good or bad, I don’t know how financially dependent you are on your job so you may not want to. Just brainstorming here…