Hi all

I haven’t posted for a while, was waiting (3 months) to see a neurologist to see what he has to say about my condition. My dizziness comes and goes in cycles, some cycles I could feel fine for 3 weeks except for some migraines on particular days, others times I could have really bad dizziness that knocks me around for weeks. The bad news is that the Neuro didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know except that he calls ‘Mav’ “posterior circulation migraine”. He pretty much just said what we all know in regards to trying drugs until you find one that works for you. The good news is that my ‘good peroids’ are becoming more frequent! I had almost 3 weeks off of the dizziness, then about 1 week of bad dizziness when it came back. Now I’m feeling OK again eccept for migraines which I get if I’m stressed or have been drinking etc. so hopefully if I look after myself, maybe I will continue to improve! This is great because I’ve already tried a few of the drugs and I’m not keen on them, as the ‘drowsy’ factor has a major impact on my lifestyle (personal trainer and musician).

I hope you are all doing OK!

Staying positive,

Tib. :smiley:

Hi Tib,
Did you try amitriptyline? That’s what I’m on now, but only at 20mg a night and I’m seeing minimal improvement.