I’ve started on Prothiden 2 pills per day for two weeks. Haven’t noticed any major difference except since I bumpd it up to two pills I’ve had a lot of sick in the tummy and diarreha…Is this a common side effect?

I wonder why Dr Hamalgyi started on this particular drug. Is it one that doctor’s typically start first? I’ve had no success with antidepressants in the past. I’m keener to start something like the one’s that effect the calcium ions (can’t remember what there called).

Also I’ve been looking for a comprehensive list of migraine meds. so I can see what is avaible to trial next should I need to. Anyone know where to obtain such a list?

Ta Muchly

Hi dizzyloopy

This isn’t too bad a list - a little short, but not too bad:


It sounds like its time to move onto the next, and maybe as you said… a calcium channel blocker like Verapamil. There’s no need to put up with those side effects when it is having no effect for you.


I’m still on the two pills daily andwill bump it up to three today. No noticeable difference with symptoms. My tummy upset was caused by a bug though and not the drug. Thought I’d give it six weeks and then ask to try the next drug. Thanks for your suggestion adam.

And a question. Is it common for MAV to feel a strong pull to one side? I often feel like I’m being tugged to the right and have to concentrate to stay upright.