Havent, had full blown MAV for 5 months now. Yeah, which can be quiet normal for me. Though l did think l was getting it last week on my menstrual cycle.
Had a few too many wines yesterday over lunch and had a terrible time last night. Didn,t fall asleep till 2am. Had anxiety, numbness of the body, muscle twitches, humming in ears, had a b2 and feverfew, which seemed to help me.
Woke this morning feeling very tired, head heavy, still humming, but l know this will pass. I need to keep telling myself l am not dying. So far no major veritgo, and l know this time it will not come. We all need to stay positive. The thing that is the hardest is the anxiety that goes with it. Its all the thinking involved. I am learning to calm my mind and live in the now and to meditate each day. Also not too much wine again. :smiley:
I live by the beach and this helps.

Cheers Sue

Sue, it doesn’t sound too, too different from a non-MAV’s experience following “too many wines.”

You are lucky if you can consume wine at all with MAV. Thats pretty brave, I would be too afraid to try alcohol. I bet you will slip right back into the good life if you just lay low with migraine triggers for a while.

How did you get MAV free for 5 months? What med?

Hope you feel better.


I have only experienced this Mav for 1.5 years, and only had it three times, fully blown Mav anyway. I have had some bouts of it hear and there. For me it is normal to go for months without an symptoms. But what has helped me, is b2 supplements when needed, feverfew and when needed l take rhis herbal supplement from mu naturopath to calm me down . All this together seems to help me. I tried magnesium, but it actually made me feel worse. So l just try to eat plenty of seeds instead. Daily meditation and staying happy and positive is hard at times but works wonders if l persist.
I now know what it is when it comes back and l kmow it will go the same way it came, and its not life threatening, and most probably only a stage in my life which will pass with time. I think for me it is all hormone related. I am 41 years old female and there ate probably many hormonal changes at this stage of life. Hopefully when l reach menapause it will be all gone and l can go back to living a carefree life.

Fingers crossed.

As far as wine is concerned l still drink it regularly, l find it relaxes me and actually makes me feel better, as long as l don,t have too much and drink loads of water l am fine. Yesterday l had way too much, but l think it was a combination of things. It must have been as l have drunk that much many more times and not been effected like this. Thought about giving up
Wine, but that was just a thought. Life would be really boring without wine. For me anyway.

Cheers sue :smiley: