Upper Cervical Therapy

I have seen my fair share of quacks claiming to cure dizziness over the past few years, but this struck me as quite interesting…

A friend of mine had actual migraines and dizziness…very badly actually…but intermittent. He was treated by an upper cervical specialist who gradually sorted the condition after about a month or 2 via manipulation. The weird thing is, we were both in a car crash when we were 17, and the therapist said it can take years for any symptoms of a misalignment to take place. Could it be coincidence that we both suffer from dizziness after the crash? Probably, but…

In order to have therapy they do some sort of MRI scan ( or similair to check for any misalignment) - only if it exists do they offer you manipulation. Guess its better than a normal chiropractor who just decides ’ to have a go’ without knowing if your neck is the cause if your dizziness.

Anyhow, given I have controlled MAV 99% with a drug in the past, I doubt I have any misalignment. I might check it out though if I can get it free on the NHS, especially given I have been in a few car accidents.

Dr Hain writes about cervicogenic dizziness on his website: dizziness-and-balance.com/di … vical.html .

Hey Luke,

It sounds like quackery to me. While there is definitely cervical dizziness and it apparently exists, it’s very rare and usually manifests directly after a severe injury such as whiplash. I’ve had numerous neck adjustments by a chiro over the years and, while it would seem to make things feel better, it never lasted. Probably a placebo and perhaps eased some tensions in there but I would highly doubt a cause for the long-lasting sympoms of the sort you have. And yeah, drugs killed it for you previosuly which suggests otherwise. On the other hand, if you can get it all looked at for free and any adjustments done are safe then may as well check it out.

Can you believe I’m totally unmedicated and doing ok? First time in 6 years. Makes me wonder if this thing is slowly burning out and losing its steam. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m going to start introducing a few supplements again backed by the science lit to see how I go: feverfew, B2 etc at low doses. Might give Verap a go too soon again to try and end this scalp/face sensitivity to temperature and soaps.

Scott 8)


Prob is quackery mate, but might have it looked into…

GREAT news you are doing well - that is just fab! Maybe your cycle is coming to an end? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I;m up & down - been doing a lot of travelling with bad sleep patterns - so have been feeling a bit crappy. Only a few weeks till I see Hain though…

I really do hope I can kill this again…being normal would be so good.

All the best fella, and lets hope this is the beggining of the end for you!