Upping my Verapamil

I am at day 5 of taking **one tablet of Verapamil **at 240mg at night (extended relief)

The only thing I notice so far is that the size of the pill makes it feel like I am trying to swallow a full hotdog with a swig of water… :smiley:

I will wait about another 5 days or so…and assuming that I feel absolutely nothing different, I bump it up to 480 mg at night and keep going from there.

My guess is the therapeutic dose for hyper-senstive metabolizer like me is going to be in the range of 10,000 - 15,000 mg…but we shall see :wink:

Will keep you guys posted.


I just started verapamil today!! I know you are quite the metabolizer, but are you noticing any difference? I still don’t understand how it helps with MAV. But it seems to be helping a lot of people here. Are you having any side effects? Actually, I’ll wait till you are at 10,000 mg before I ask you that. Haha. I started fex a couple weeks ago and it is really helping but I’m not getting my hopes up because my last med imipramine seemed to be working, than at three weeks, I felt worse than ever plus totally depressed and I had every side effect possible.

But anyway, keep us posted. I always feel so bad for you when I read about all your unsuccessful attempts at meds. Sounds like you’re on the right path. Goooooooood luck!


Thanks for the nice note…but don’t feel bad for me. Everyone has their issues / problems…this happens to be mine.

I have been blessed with a great wife and two (2) wonderful daughters (who can quit being pretty any day now :lol: )

Working at the hospital makes me somewhat callous to what I am going through. As I stand in the elevator to go see one of my patients, I will see a little 2 year old with a bald head going through Chemotherapy.

If that does not sober you up and make you quit feeling sorry for yourself…nothing will !

Don’t know if I am on the right path or not, but it sure seems logical in light of my non-feelings with all of my medications. Maybe I was throwing a sprinkle of water at a 5 alarm fire???

Will keep you posted…Thanks for the well wishes and “good lucks” out there :smiley:


Good luck with this Todd!

My questions are, will you add another med to the Verapamil rather than goin on to the next med? Have you ever trialled two meds at the same time? Maybe a med cocktail would do you good??

I am not opposed to it…just do not really have a clue as to what type of concoction I would come up with???

My Neurologist has never really talked about adding Topomax to Verapamil or lowering Celexa with your Nortriptlyine , etc.

Is there any literature out there that suggests combinations of medications that have proved helpful to others???


Hi Todd,

There is no literature for multi pharmacy with migraine as you asked. For this reason Baloh does not like using more than one med at a time because side effects are too unpredictable. Still, some are on more than one med and doing just fine and have migraine control.

You’ll have to start making Verapamil sandwiches for lunch! :lol:


@Scott…I hear you. Started me at 240mg (one tablet)…it is like eating a pez candy.

I am like…come on, is that all you got??? Give me a 1000mg and then lets see what happens.

240mg is child’s play…ha

Hi Todd,
My friend with cluster headache jumps right in with 720 mg of verapamil without any problems. I found out she just takes it until the headaches are controlled, usually just a few weeks to a few months, and then she jumps right off of it. She is a pretty small person so I am not surprised you are not feeling anything yet. She says it works like magic for her and has saved her life.
Keep on going! Praying for you.

Well…screw it all!

I waited a whole one (1) more day and decided to jack it up!

I went 5 days of Verapamil at 240 mg (one tablet at night)…as expected, Nothing.

I was supposed to wait about 2 weeks or so…but screw it…I just popped two of them tonight! Doctors and their orders be damned!!! :mrgreen:

I will stay at the 480 for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

720 is next after a couple of weeks if no changes …then, 25,000 mg.

Let’s party!!!


Enjoy your party!!! :slight_smile:

Let us know how good the party gets. Are you taking anything else?


also taking…

  1. Crack
  2. Morphine
  3. Heroin
  4. Coke
  5. baby aspirin

Nothing seems to crack this egg :smiley:

just Clonapen and Seroquel, which helps me sleep at night.

Dat’s it.


Sounds like a good party to me!! It sounds like you’ve tried most drugs but wanted to ask if you tried Effexor!! I was a pretty bad case and pretty much bed ridden and sick 24/7 and my symptoms are getting so much better with fex. The lighter drugs did nothing for this crap. And its weird because I am med sensitive.

MAV decided to rent a room in my head and now I’m kicking it the HELL out :twisted: boy, I just went on a tangent, didn’t I???

Is Verarap doing any harm?

I have been at 480mg for 2 days…so I do not think I have really given it a fair shot in terms of time on the medication.

That being said…nothing good, nothing bad yet.

I take two (2) tablets at night…extended release. Eash tablet is 240mg

Todd “Kryptonite” Seiger 8)