Use of Topamax in a subgroup of migraine-vertigo patients

[size=150]Use of topiramate (topamax) in a subgroup of migraine-vertigo patients with auditory symptoms[/size]

Carmona S. Settecase N
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1039:517-20, 2005

Five-three percent of the patients who suffer from migraine present severe incapacity and need rest in bed. If we add to this the incapacity produced by vertigo, then the quality of life of these patients is seriously affected. Migraine/Vertigo (MV) should be another criterion in the selection of preventive treatment even when other criteria are not fulfilled. Auditory symptoms may accompany MV. We treated 10 patients with Topiramate in an open trial, twice a day, with an average dose of 100 mg/day. The treatment period for these patients ranges between 6 and 16 months, with a mean of 9. As of today, all patients present no crisis. Regarding auditory symptoms, all the patients referred that they were stabilized. The effect began quickly, from the first month in most patients as it has been reported in other studies.

I an on Topamax for Migraine-vertigo. I started with symptoms on August 25 and started the topamax on Sept. 10 @ 15 mg for 2 days then 50 for 2days than increased to 75 and still no help with the vertigo. To day I increased to 100mg. Which is the dose the doctor will have me maintain till my my appointment in 2 weeks. I do hope to get some relief. Do you anticipate I will? Any suggestions. I have a headache everyday.Some background: I am 55 year old female the ENT is sure it is not an innner ear problem, no nausea, I have had regular menses up until Aug. 10th, nonproducing micropituitary adenoma, blood pressure abour 100/65;pulse is in the 60s; I am an avid swimmer.

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